How phone readings work

Are you feeling uncertain, a little bit lost, confused or unsure about what to do next?

Rechelle can help you remove your stress, anxiety and fears, to help you find solutions and answers to the things that are keeping you stuck and unable to move beyond where you are right now.

What’s included in your reading: Rechelle will take a look at your recent past, what is happening for you you now and give you guidance and direction for your future during the ‘All about you’ reading. Mediumship readings will connect you to your loved ones whom have passed. Rechelle will give you details that only you will be aware of when chatting to your love one. Rechelle will provided any messages that your loved one wants you to know. Essentially it’s a three way chat when you choose a Mediumship reading.

It’s normal to feel a little bit anxious before having a private reading. You will feel at ease when working with Rechelle. Her down to earth, compassionate, straight up, practical and honest approach, will give you clarity and insights during your private reading. So you can move forward with the next step/s for greater success. Rechelle will pin-point what is keeping you stuck and provide solutions and your next step/s, so you can have peace of mind and feel more confident when making decisions.

 Save time, money and travel without compromising on the quality of your private phone or video reading with Rechelle.  No matter where you live in the world Rechelle can help you! 

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Australian Author, well-travelled and dynamic psychic and medium, Rechelle has worked one-on-one with thousands of private clients across the globe since 2001 in her private practice.

You don’t need to be in the same room as Rechelle to receive an accurate and insightful reading. 

How does a phone or video reading work?

Readings are done via energy. Friends and loved ones who have changed addresses and moved to heaven can still connect for you, through Rechelle, to give you guidance and messages. Rechelle will provide you with personality traits and personal details so you know who in heaven you’re receiving messages from during a private reading. Please note: Tarot and oracle card decks are NOT used in Mediumship readings.

Rechelle offer’s two styles of private readings

Your choice of either: All about you or a Mediumship reading.

What’s the difference between an ‘all about you’ or a mediumship reading?

Option one: All about you reading

Rechelle will give you information about your recent past, what’s happening now and give you guidance and direction for your future. Rechelle will help you to recognise what’s blocking your path and what action steps need to be addressed to achieve your desired goal or outcome.

Option two: Connecting with your loved ones in heaven.

It’s normal for Rechelle to connect with more than one loved one in heaven whom wish to say hello to you.

Expect to receive strong evidence of the person/s Rechelle connects with during your private reading. This may include personal traits such as personality, relationship to you, what they wish to share, what they have witnessed you doing since their passing and more. Please be aware of all your loved ones who have passed, before booking this type of reading so you know who I’m connecting with for you. If you wish to hear from someone in particular eg: Mother/Father/ child / friend etc Rechelle will tailor your reading accordingly so that an immediate connection can be made from this person for you. 

What’s included in a private all about you reading?

  •  Your current situation 
  •  What’s keeping you stuck
  •  What you can do for better results
  •  Forecast of what’s coming up for you
  •  General reading covering your recent past, now and the immediate future.
  •  Your specific questions will be answered if not covered in the general forecast at the start of the reading.
30 minute phone reading $195 Australian dollars (AUD)
60 minute phone reading $295 Australian dollars (AUD
Readings available 7 days by appointment only

Why clients come to Rechelle and how they benefit from having a private reading.

Clients can feel overwhelmed by a situation they are currently facing and require some definite answers and direction. It’s Rechelle’s job to provide her client with honest, straight forward, practical insights that will empower her client to make the right choice moving forward in any situation.

What the clients say after a private reading

Rechelle receives constant feedback how much better her clients feel after having had a reading. Getting straight to the heart of the matter during a private reading, gives Rechelle’s clients more confidence to have a better understanding of why things are happening and how they can get through any situation with more ease using the guidance and action steps that Rechelle provides during a private reading. Please note: Your free will choices are your own when deciding to follow or ignore the guidance provided for you by Rechelle. 

Rechelle will look forward to being able to help you gain some clarity and answers when you’re ready to work with her. 

Easy payment options: Osko or PayPal

Once your booking has been confirmed an easy direct debit payment is required at least 24 hours before your reading. Please allow for the weekend if you don’t have the instant OSKO payment option when using online banking. Some banks have this feature but not all. Payment via PayPal is recommended for clients outside of Australia. You will be given the link once your reading has been scheduled.