How does a reading work?

How Rechelle works with her private clients during a phone reading.

Whether this is your first time getting reading or you need some accurate insight and answers? I will help you take charge of your current situation to help you get the results you seek.

My accuracy means my clients return & trust me.

My compassion means I understand and won’t judge you or your situation.

My straight-up honesty helps you see more clearly and gain perspective about your situation.

My down to earth nature means you can approach me about any topic.

My 20 years in private practice means I have a lot of experience and can help you reach greater success with your relationships, love life, career or business. 

I’m dedicated to helping you get past your worries and fears. I will give you a tailored personalised reading based on where you are in your life right now. I will give you the next action step/s, so you can live a happier and more peaceful existence while taking on life’s unexpected curve balls.

Save yourself time, money and unnecessary stress with a phone or Facebook messenger video reading. You do not have to be in the same room as me to receive an accurate reading.

Your loved ones in heaven are not in the same room as me, so you don’t need to be in the same room as me to receive an accurate reading.

Get the answers you need for your next step to greater success and put your fears and worries to bed.

30 or 60 minute readings available.

Email to book:

Call Rechelle direct: 61) 0408 64 7776

Customer reviews

Rechelle was spot on from start to finish with my reading. I feel better knowing what’s coming up for me & I know what I have to do. Highly recommend if you want clarity.

Alana P : Auckland New Zealand

WOW Rechelle gave me so much accurate detail about my Mum who passed recently. I truly was sceptical at first but not anymore. I’m blown away & can’t thank Rechelle enough for the messages she shared with me from my Mum.

Tina B : Victoria Australia

I have had other readings before & was disappointed. Rechelle is the real deal. Do it, you won’t be sorry. Worth every penny. I’m so glad I booked a session with Rechelle. Thanks so much for helping me to see more clearly. I’m grateful for the action plan you gave me.

Mark C : Phoenix USA

Your answers are one phone call away

Rechelle’s reading delivered the exact amount of healing required for me to move forward in my life. Rechelle delivered a surprise apology to me from a loved one in the Spirit World that made me feel justified with past events and OK with my present situation. Rechelle’s readings are heartfelt with a touch of cheeky and loving honesty. Thank you Rechelle. I will definitely be back for more!!

Leanne Blessington: Sydney Australia (Phone reading)

Leanne Blessington

25th January 2019

I turned 50 this week and my daughters and sister surprised me with an evening of readings by Rechelle. We had the best night!!
She was spot on with all of us providing insights for everyone.
I was at a crossroads and what she has said to me has bought clarity and her encouragement has really made me see things in a whole new way.

Thank you Rechelle you’re amazing!

Leanne Main (Singleton NSW) Psychic Party

Leanne Main