About Rechelle

Here’s How I Can Help And Support You 

 Whether this is your first time getting reading or you need some accurate insight and answers? I will help you take charge of your current situation to help you get the results you seek.

I’m ready to work with you ‘IF’ you’re ready to do the work involved to maximise the possible outcome. 

New age theories & weird concepts have never been my thing!

My accuracy means my clients return & trust me. Maximum of twice a year is an appropriate time between readings if not longer.

My compassion means I understand and won’t judge you or your situation.

My straight-up honesty helps you see more clearly.

My down to earth nature means you can approach me about any topic.

My 19 years in private practice means I have a lot of experience and can help you! 

I’m dedicated to helping you get past your worries and fears. I will give you tailored tools and the action steps, so you can live a happier and more peaceful existence while taking on life’s unexpected curve balls.

A snippet of my unique career path

I quit 2 jobs, became a Mummy to three beautiful humans and have been running a very successful private practice since 2001 helping 100’s of clients & students worldwide to heal, transform & improve their own well-being.

I have been mentored by some of the worlds best mediums in Australia and England when I was invited to the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of spiritualism and psychic sciences in England to refine my craft & natural ability as a intuitive medium.

 I have learned over many years to refine my natural psychic & mediumship ability, so I can serve you and your loved ones in the spirit world better.

Save yourself time, money & unnecessary stress with a phone or Facebook messenger video reading. Get the answers you need for your next step to greater success.

What Clients Say

Rechelle was spot on from start to finish with my reading. I feel better knowing what’s coming up for me & I know what I have to do. Highly recommend if you want clarity.

AlanA from New Zealand

WOW Rechelle gave me some much accurate detail about my Mum who passed recently & I truly was sceptical at first but not anymore. I’m blown away & can’t thank her enough for the messages she shared with me from my Mum.

Tina From Australia

I have had other readings before & was disappointed. Rechelle is the real deal. Do it, you won’t be sorry.

Mark from USA

Stop stressing & get your answers

I went and saw Rechelle a couple of days ago as I was feeling very ‘stuck’ in life and so restless at heart.
My gosh, she was incredible. Rechelle connected with me and my situation on a whole other level. Her guidance and assistance has helped me beyond words. Within myself I feel so at ease and I’ve let go of things that have been dragging me down.
Her readings are real, raw, honest but very nurturing.
Thank you Rechelle x

Em Bastick: Newcastle NSW

Em Bastick

I came to my reading today lost, confused and full of heartache over a recent event that happened in my life. Rechelle was amazing and gave me clarity and understanding on what had happened and why. She also validated how I felt about it and why it was totally ok to feel that way. She told me things about myself and my family that there is no possible way she could known and I walked away from it completely at peace and so so excited for what’s to come. I had no idea how much I needed that reading until it was over and I’m so glad I did. Plus she is such a lovely person with a great sense of humour.

She told me things about myself and my family that there is no possible way she could known and I walked away from it completely at peace.


Jessica Mary