Happy Customers

Teale Blessington  recommends Rechelle – Clairvoyant Medium / Author.

 I had my first phone reading with Rechelle yesterday and I loved it. Rechelle has a super down to earth and unique approach to her readings. From the start she was spot on and by the end I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I can’t wait to book with Rechelle again. Thank you x

Cindy Cawsey  recommends Rechelle – Clairvoyant Medium / Author.

I had a lovely tea party group read with my friends on 13/10/2023. We were all so blown away with Rechelle’s reading. I decided to book a private video chat reading. What I love about Rechelle is her delivery. She is kind, funny, gentle and straight to the point. I don’t do fluffy, so for me her delivery was perfect. I got exactly the reading I needed with reassurance of my thoughts That I had in my mind and to confirm that I’m heading in the right direction for my next phase in my life. Thanks lovely Rechelle for your wonderful words ❤️

Zachary Pontrello  recommends Rechelle – Clairvoyant Medium / Author.

I live in the U.S. and I have been following Rechelle’s work for a long time now. I finally had a chance to have a one on one video reading with her. It surpassed my expectations. Not only was she spot on with where I was in my life, but her ability to express what she was receiving from both her intuition and the cards was startling due to how much it resonated with me. On top of all of this: she is authentic. This is so important, especially when receiving guidance from someone. Overall, I could not be more satisfied. Thank you again Rechelle!