Meet Rechelle

Rechelle is an Australian author, well travelled and dynamic, psychic, medium and spiritual leader with over 20+ years of experience helping people one-on-one to transform their lives for greater success, greater happiness and joy.

Rechelle opened her own private practice in 2001 in Newcastle, NSW Australia and has gone to help thousands of people reconnect to their spirit, soul, purpose and authentic self.

Her down to earth, compassionate and practical approach to her work, will put you at ease when working with or learning from Rechelle.

I believe everyone can learn how to access their intuition, spirit guides, and master living an exceptional life.

I believe there are no victims, only those who have yet to learn how to work from their heart and soul.

Services and products offered by Rechelle

Private phone readings: Available 7 days by appointment only

Be Spiritwise: Guidance for your soul card deck. An indie card deck created in 2020 and only available from this website.

Book: Breakthrough – A step-by-step guide to help you find peace with your past and breakthrough emotional blocks that are preventing you from living the life you want. Published: April 2022

Client reviews

Rechelle was spot on from start to finish with my reading. I feel better knowing what’s coming up for me and how to handle my decisions better. Thanks Rechelle, you have made me see things more clearly and it all makes so much more sense to me now. I’m happy to recommend Rechelle if you want answers without the fluff.

Alana P : Auckland New Zealand

WOW Rechelle gave me so much accurate detail about my Mum who passed recently. I truly was sceptical at first but not anymore. I’m blown away & can’t thank Rechelle enough for the messages she shared with me from my Mum.

Tina B : Victoria Australia

I have had other readings before and was disappointed. Rechelle is the real deal. Do it, you won’t be sorry. Worth every penny. I’m so glad I booked a session with Rechelle. Thanks so much for helping me to see more clearly. I’m grateful for the action plan you gave me and feel much better since chatting to you.

Mark C : Phoenix USA

Rechelle’s reading delivered the exact amount of healing required for me to move forward in my life. Rechelle delivered a surprise apology to me from a loved one in the Spirit World that made me feel justified with past events and OK with my present situation. Rechelle’s readings are heartfelt with a touch of cheeky and loving honesty. Thank you Rechelle. I will definitely be back for more!!

Leanne Blessington: Sydney Australia (Phone reading)

Leanne Blessington

I went and saw Rechelle a couple of days ago as I was feeling very ‘stuck’ in life and so restless at heart.
My gosh, she was incredible. Rechelle connected with me and my situation on a whole other level. Her guidance and assistance has helped me beyond words. Within myself I feel so at ease and I’ve let go of things that have been dragging me down.
Her readings are real, raw, honest but very nurturing.
Thank you Rechelle x

Em Bastick: Newcastle NSW

Em Bastick