Be Spiritwise: Guidance for your soul card deck


 Life, relationships, career and financial goals all become so much easier when you know what to do next. This deck will provide you with the answers and action step/s you need, to become the boss of your life and your relationships, plus so much more!





The Be Spiritwise guidance for your soul indie card deck, is a modern twist on divination and oracle guidance card decks. Perfect for the beginner, experienced card reader or indie deck card collector.

This deck is unique in style and like no other on today’s modern market. Easy to use and understand. Offering straight forward and to the point guidance messages, to help assist you with your next step in any situation. This gorgeous deck, minimal in design, was created to help you breakthrough what is keeping you stuck. Become the boss of your life and your relationships. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a mass marketed deck!

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Weight .100 g
Dimensions 25 × 35 × 10 cm


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