Be Spiritwise: Guidance for your soul: Limited edition card deck


The Be Spiritwise guidance for your soul indie card deck, is a modern twist on divination and oracle guidance card decks. Perfect for the beginner, experienced card reader or indie deck card collector.

This deck is unique in style and like no other on today’s modern market.Easy to use and understand. Offering straight forward and to the point guidance messages, to help assist you with your next step in any situation. This gorgeous deck, minimal in design, was created to help you breakthrough what is keeping you stuck.

 Life, relationships, career and financial goals all become so much easier when you know what to do next. This deck will provide you with the answers and action step/s for greater success.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ordered copies will be shipped out last week of May 2022

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The Be Spiritwise card deck is unique in style and will guide you to your next step no matter what question you are seeking answers for. Perfectly designed to help you stay focused and on track with your spiritual, personal or professional development goals, growth and healing. 

Be Spiritwise guidance for your soul card deck, will give you the answers to your most pressing questions when you’re feeling uncertain or unsure about what to do next.

No guide book is required for this deck! An intentional decision made by Rechelle because she wanted her deck to be user friendly without unnecessary confusion. Instructions are included for you, showing you how to use the cards with ease.


What is an Indie deck?

Indie meaning – self-funded and self-published by the creator of the card deck, not mass marketed by house hold name companies, for example, Hay House. Indie decks are usually higher in price due to the fact that most are limited editions and OOP = Out of print. Which is why these decks are highly sort after for serious card collectors or those wishing to add something special to their reading practice or collection.

Limited Edition and rare: Be Spiritwise guidance for your soul card deck is a rare limited edition with less than 800 copies in print. This makes this deck extra special and a keepsake for any tarot, oracle or card lover. Each deck is autographed, hand wrapped and shipped by Rechelle

Created by Rechelle Horton – Australian psychic, medium, author and spiritual teacher since 2001

Rechelle has cleverly managed to bring her 20 plus years of experience and expertise into one small box to help you on your pathway to greater success. Her inspiration came from working with thousands of private clients in her own private practice which was established in 2001 in Newcastle, Australia. Rechelle’s intention for creating Be Spiritwise, the card deck, is to help folks help themselves in the comfort of their own home whenever the urge arises to gain some insight, clarity and perspective.


Be Spiritwise combo set: Includes an autographed copy of Breakthrough, the book  and Be Spiritwise guidance for your soul card deck. Tools to make your life easier to navigate.





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Weight .100 g
Dimensions 25 × 35 × 10 cm


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