Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a reading with Rechelle?

Send an email to or phone 0408 64 7776

When can I book?

Flexible time-slots are available from Monday to Friday (Sydney Time). 

I’ve never had a phone reading. Is it just as good as in person?

Yes, if not better. Repeat clients have been extremely happy with phone readings for the last decade.

How can Rechelle help me? What kind of readings does Rechelle do?

Your choice of two reading options:

Option one: All about you. I will give you information about your recent past, what’s happening now and give you the tools to help you navigate your way into the future with certainty. Helping you to recognise what’s blocking your path and what action steps need to be addressed to achieve your desired goal or outcome.

Option two: Connecting with your loved ones in heaven. Expect to receive strong evidence of the person/s I connect with during your reading. This may include personal traits such as personality, relationship to you, what they wish to share, what they have witnessed since their passing and more. Please be aware of all your loved ones who have passed before booking this type of reading. If you wish to hear from someone in particular eg: Mother/Father/ child etc. I will tailor your reading accordingly.

How much is a phone/zoom reading with Rechelle?

30 minutes $170 AUD (Australian dollar)

60 minutes $220 AUD (Australian Dollar)

How do I pay for my reading?

Direct debit. A confirmation text message will be sent with account details once your reading time is confirmed.

What happens next after my phone reading is booked?

It is the responsibility of the client to call Rechelle on the day and time of your appointment. No reminders are given and missed appointments will be forfeited without refund unless 24 hours notice is given in writing to cancel or postpone your booking.  

How long will I need to wait for a reading?

Readings can be done once full payment is received within as little as 48 hours provided she is not already booked. Please allow for weekends, time differences and bank transfers to have time to clear. I don’t believe in waiting lists or lengthy periods to see my clients and know those who value my life-changing work, accurate insight and unique ability won’t mind waiting a little longer. I trust that the spooks will get it right and guide you to the right timing for your reading.

How do I prepare for my reading?

Write your question/s down. Make sure you have a private space and won’t be disturbed while on your call. An open heart and mind is recommended. Relax you’re in good hands.

Can I have a reading with more than one person?

No. Having more than one person in the room other than my client can disrupt the process and information received.

What if Rechelle says things I don’t want to know?

Clients always feel more confident, uplifted and positive after having a reading session. I won’t deliver any information that my client isn’t ready for however, you will be guided to what you need to know for the best possible outcome, NOT what you want to hear! I will support you through a soul guidance process and make sure you understand what you need to do during your reading with me.

Can I record a reading?

No. Rechelle does not allow any kind of recording during a reading due to privacy and confidentiality for all parties. Note-taking is encouraged. Recordings done without Rechelle’s written permission will breach terms & conditions.

How often should I have a reading?

I recommend 6-12 months between sessions.

Does Rechelle offer in person or email readings?

No! Rechelle has stopped doing in-person readings for the convenience of her clients busy lifestyles. Phone readings are accurate and more convenient.

Email readings: No

What city/country does Rechelle do her readings from?

Newcastle NSW Australia. Phone and virtual readings are available via zoom or messenger.

Does Rechelle offer group or party readings?


What happens to my payment if I cancel?

Cancellations made with 72 hours notice of scheduled appointment time will be refunded in full.