Learn Tarot The Fun & Easy Way

Learning Tarot on your own can be frustrating & overwhelming to the point you just want to give up. If this is how you feel? I have some great news & want to help you excel on your tarot learning path. I make it fun, interactive & leave you wanting to know more.

I have created a tarot formula that will teach you step by step the systems & fundamentals to learning the tarot fast. Video Tutorials will guide you through and easy step by step process so that you can get the most out of your tarot readings & insights. Find comfort in knowing you are learning the correct way & not just guessing card meanings.

Rote learning ( memorising card meanings) doesn’t work & is quite frankly the biggest mistake I see tarot readers making time & time again. The tarot offers clarity, answers & solutions to anything you may be facing in your life. It will continue to help you countless times, once you know what you’re doing & how to do it properly.

I teach you how to use the tarot formula via foundations & proven systems that have been tried & tested with my tarot students over many years as a Tarot trainer. So you will have the right formula to proceed confidently without the need for 100’s of tarot books by your side trying to look up meanings that are conflicting & down right confusing.

Your own intuition is strengthened naturally when you learn the Tarot Formula.

I have been a full-time professional tarot reader & Medium since 2001 helping 1000 ‘s of clients & students worldwide with my private readings, classes, workshops & retreats.

Now it’s your turn for me to help you. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a little further along on your tarot path. I can support you for greater success. Students are achieving amazing results using my tarot method.

LIVE monthly group coaching calls are provided so you can ask all your questions & get the right answers. You will avoid making all the mistake I did as a Tarot beginner & fast track your progress using my tried & tested tarot formula.

There is no price tag for how much the Tarot can help you with your life & challenges you will come up against. All the benefits you will gain from having learnt the Tarot formula the fast, fun & easy way will reward you time & time again.

So if you’re ready to have the universe on speed dial. Answers at your finger tips. Want to be cheered on as you progress & are ready to commit a little bit of time each day to learning the tarot?

Then I will congratulate you now & welcome you aboard to my Tarot Hub community. I have some great bonus gifts valued at over $3000 Aussie dollars for you, so keep reading…

Tarot Formula Course

What you will learn…

How to get started

Tarot card care & materials

Tarot overview – Become a clear channel


Tarot suits * Pips cards * Numbers * Colours * Zodiac signs * Movement * Major Arcana * Minor Arcana * Court cards * Timing * Tarot characters * Tarot themes * Tarot spreads * Tarot practice * Intuitive tarot * Ask the right questions * Foundations & systems of the tarot.

On completion of the tarot formula course you will know how to use your tarot deck with ease & confidence to read for yourself or others.

Now is the perfect time to start your own tarot journey with my FREE BONUS GIFT PACKAGE valued at over $3000 to help you kickstart your Tarot journey & build your confidence faster.

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Happy Tarot Hub Student:

I met Rechelle when my daughters gifted me a reading for my 50th birthday. 

Her reading was very insightful into what was happening in my life at the time. I had been dabbling in tarot for a while but found it a bit overwhelming so when she started the Tarot Hub I was keen to join. 

It has been a fabulous ride so far!! We are half way through and I am so much more confident with the meanings and trusting my intuition. She has made it easy and fun starting with the basics and building with each unit. She is always there to explain anything I can’t quite get my head around and her Monday night live calls are so much fun. I am finding it a very positive experience and always looking forward to the next lesson. I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning about the Tarot.

Leanne – Tarot Hub Student

Happy Tarot Hub Student

Hi my name is Jacqui….I joined Rechelle’s Tarot Hub out of wanting to learn how to understand the Tarot and hopefully help me to make better choices/directions in my life….plus I just wanted to have fun with it.

Well a few weeks in and its fantastic. Rechelle makes it a lot of fun and the content is super to easy to understand and there’s plenty of it also doing live group calls once a week clears up anything you’re not 100% on. I’ve found learning this way through the online course has been very easy to do and easier to take in than just reading books on the Tarot.

If you’re considering learning the Tarot for whatever reason takes you have a look at Rechelle”s course and come join the group ….it’s a lot if fun learning the easy way.

See you in the Hub!!!.

Jacqui – Tarot Hub Student


Everything you need to kickstart your own tarot journey


Gain more confidence as a reader & go beyond what you think is possible.


Learn the tarot systems & propel your learning experience faster.

Tarot formula Course