Why use a tarot journal?

Hey tarot lover, If you're stationary lover like me? You will have no problem wanting to dive into creating a tarot journal. I'm very arty & crafty always having various projects on the go. I have way to many art & craft supplies to keep me busy for a lifetime. But hey, it allows me… Continue reading Why use a tarot journal?


Selfish Living V’s Abundant Living: with a simple click

Photo by Tobias Dziuba on In this chaotic world with the threat of the Covid-19 Virus it has sent folks all over the world into an uneccessary element of fear. Fear is the unpleasant emotion that arises when you are in pain, feel threatened or in danger, a natural human emotion & response. BUT… Continue reading Selfish Living V’s Abundant Living: with a simple click


A Maiden’s Strength In Scary Times

Maiden's Strength -Major Arcana A beautiful maiden tames the lion's roar. Not afraid to step in and trust the universal power she has inside of her. Unfazed, gentle and nurturing she strokes the lion's head with ease, grace and love. The infinity symbol above her head representing her connection to the divine source & higher… Continue reading A Maiden’s Strength In Scary Times


How much does a reading cost?

💙 Don't be put off by pricing. An experienced & qualified Medium will charge a higher rate based on their level of success & years of experience working in the industry. Like any other profession they have expenses to run their business. Remember you're paying for someones experience. Experienced Mediums will provide a quality reading & be able to give you WOW factor information that only you would know. NOT airy-fairy fluff or generic information better known as COLD READINGS.