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Crazy & Absurd Tarot Myths

I have chuckled many, many times at all the crazy & absurd myths that surround the tarot. I'm sure you've come up against them too at some point? I have been personally accused of doing the Devil's work & found that to be delightfully hilarious. It happened publicly on my biz FB page. Some of you may remember when it happened? Hmmmm....just another soul living from a space of fear & not having a damn clue about the tarot at all or my ethical business standards for that matter.


Learn 40 tarot cards in one go

Hey Tarot lover, The internet drives me bonkers when I see tarot enthusiasts professing that the tarot can be learned in just 2 hours or one day. This is not true & I would avoid such nonsense at all costs. You can most definitely improve your tarot knowledge in 2 hours or one day if… Continue reading Learn 40 tarot cards in one go


Tarot roadmap for success

Hey tarot lover Your commitment is required to get the absolute most from your tarot cards. It can all seem quite overwhelming when you're first starting out but the good news is, if you stick with it, you will have the success you desire. You will be able to use the tarot as your personal… Continue reading Tarot roadmap for success


How much does a reading cost?

💙 Don't be put off by pricing. An experienced & qualified Medium will charge a higher rate based on their level of success & years of experience working in the industry. Like any other profession they have expenses to run their business. Remember you're paying for someones experience. Experienced Mediums will provide a quality reading & be able to give you WOW factor information that only you would know. NOT airy-fairy fluff or generic information better known as COLD READINGS.

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Tarot’s forgotten artist

Who would have thought a simple deck of pictured cards would have so much to offer for life insights. I've got to be honest, the tarot never ceases to amaze me even after using them since my teenage years. It's rich illustrations offer something truly magical. The symbolism is nothing short of amazing & it… Continue reading Tarot’s forgotten artist


The BIGGEST Mistake Tarot readers make…

Tarot has been an instrumental tool for me living a spiritual lifestyle. With my trusty Rider Waite tarot deck always within arms reach, it's like having the universe on speed dial. I just love it.

Being able to gain insight & clarity at anytime I choose is fantastic. Fast forward to today & I'm now the tarot trainer. Teaching tarot students how to learn tarot the easy way. There are literally 1000's of tarot books on the market & it can be quite overwhelming knowing where or how to start.

Books are great, but will only take you so far & it can be really tricky & confusing if you're trying to learn tarot on your own. I fumbled for many years on my own & used my angel cards more than my tarot card deck, because to be honest, I was a bit scared of them. Boy oh boy, how the times have changed. I'm no longer scared & love using reversals when doing a tarot spread. So this automatically gives me 156 possible meanings to the insight I require.


The Fool’s adventure & how it relates to you in 2020

The one thing I adore about the tarot is how much clarity it brings when I'm struggling with something. Sometimes I could quite happily throw the deck across the room because I may not be ready for the truth. And on other days, I'm expressing my thanks & gratitude for the guidance it brings to me. 

The major arcana is the second part of the tarot deck. Containing 22 cards that will illuminate on a deeper level what you need to work on or overcome for better results. It dives deep into the psyche of our soul & gets the meat off the bone whether we are ready or not for the answer.