Be Spiritwise – Guidance For Your Soul Oracle Card Deck


64 NEW FRIENDS in a box! Designed to help you KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT in any situation.

The elegant minimal design DELIVERS  honest, no fluff, QUICK ACTIONABLE GUIDANCE messages when you’re feeling uncertain about what to do next.


Be Spiritwise – Guidance for your soul card deck provides you with quick, straight shooting, no fluff, actionable guidance TO HELP YOU with your current situation.  YOU WILL KNOW EXACTLY what to do next IN ANY SITUATION.

  • MODERN Minimal Design
  • EASY TO USE and understand
  • PERFECT for beginners
  • Excellent for professional readers
  • PRACTICAL actionable guidance
  • Includes: Instruction guide
  • NO complicated booklet
  • LIMITED EDITION – 850 copies printed!
  • ANSWERS at your finger tips


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