Be Spiritwise: Guidance for your soul card deck


Be Spiritwise Guidance for your soul is a guidance deck designed to help you on your pathway through life. Straight forward messages and a no fluff approach makes this deck unique. 

Minimal in design, easy to use and implement into your life. The guidance messages will assist you every step of the way for greater success when you feel uncertain or unsure of what to do next.

The perfect addition to any tarot or oracle card collection. The be spiritwise deck can be used as clarifying cards when blending tarot or oracle decks whilst reading and using your favourite spreads.

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The Be Spiritwise card deck has been designed to help you get more from life and fast track your personal development.

The elegant minimal design illuminates honest, no fluff quick guidance messages to help you gain clarity for your next step.

Whether you’re an experienced reader or a newbie to the spiritual path. This deck will inspire and enrich your life for greater success once the action step is implemented.

Consider this deck to be 64 new friends in a box cheering you on providing the action step you need to reach your desired goal.

Life, relationships, career and financial goals all become so much easier when you know what to do next.

Perfect for the beginner or experienced card reader. This deck is unique in style and will guide you to your next step.

Created by independent artist and medium Rechelle Horton

A modern twist card deck that is easy to use. Rechelle has cleverly managed to bring her 20 plus years of experience working in private practice into one small well designed box. Giving you the guidance your soul knows is best for you when you feel uncertain or unsure.

This card deck will help you stay on track and focused on your spiritual growth and personal or professional goals.

Free bonus gift with purchase: Join the Be Spiritwise Tribe – Private facebook group to connect with Rechelle and other be spiritwise tribe members.


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