The Be Spiritwise card deck has been designed for the modern day busy soul seeker who seeks to get more from life & reach greater success with personal goals, dreams & desires.

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The elegant minimal design illuminates honest, no fluff quick guidance messages for the busy soul seeker. Whether you’re an experienced reader or a newbie to the spiritual path. This deck will inspire & enrich your life for greater success once the action step is implemented in your daily routine.

Affectionately referred to as 64 new friends in a box. Each card is ready to support you on your pathway to greater success & happiness.

Think of the cards as your own cheer squad in a box. Cheering you on while providing the action step you need each time you draw a card to reach your desired goal. Life, relationships, career & financial goals all become so much easier when you know what to do next.

How to use the deck:

Draw 1 card or 3 to give you more insight, so you can dive deeper into what your soul wants you to know for greater success. Your spreads don’t need to be complicated for you to achieve great results.

Perfect for the beginner or experienced card reader who is willing to align with their souls truth & purpose. This deck is unique in style, honest, healing & delivered with love while guiding you to your next step in any situation.

A modern twist on divination & oracle guidance. The Be Spiritwise card deck has been created by Rechelle Horton. A full-time professional Medium & tarot card teacher. Rechelle has cleverly managed to bring her life’s work of over 20 years experience from her private practice, serving hundreds of clients & students into one box. Giving you the guidance your soul know’s is best for you, when you feel uncertain or unsure.

Rechelle knows you have the courage & strength to change what is no longer serving your highest good & greatest joy, so you can achieve greater success in both your personal & professional life with the help of her card deck.

When you purchase the Be Spiritwise deck, your purchase includes free membership to a private facebook group. Exclusive for Be Spiritwise card deck owners only. The friendly & supportive hub for like minded souls to connect, support & share with one another for greater success while walking the spiritual self-discovery pathway.

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