Be Spiritwise: Guidance For Your Soul Card deck

The Be Spiritwise card deck has been designed for the busy

soul seeker who wants to get more from life.

The elegant minimal design illuminates honest, no fluff quick guidance messages for the busy soul seeker. Whether you’re an experienced reader or a newbie to the spiritual path. This deck will inspire & enrich your life for greater success once the action step is implemented in your daily routine.

64 new friends in a box ready to support you on your pathway to greater success & happiness.

Cheering you on providing the action step you need each day to reach your desired goal. Life, relationships, career & financial goals all become so much easier when you know what to do next.

Draw 1 card or 3 to give you more insight so you can dive deeper into what your soul wants you to know for greater success. Your spreads don’t need to be complicated for you to achieve great results.

Perfect for the beginner or experienced card reader who is willing to align with their souls truth & purpose. This deck is unique in style, honest, healing & delivered with love while will guide you to your next step in any situation.

A modern twist card deck created by professional Medium & tarot trainer Rechelle Horton. Who has cleverly managed to bring her life’s work into one box. Giving you the guidance your soul knows is best for you when you feel uncertain or unsure.

Rechelle knows her readers have the courage & strength to change what is no longer serving your highest good & greatest joy for greater results.

This card deck will help you stay on track because Rechelle believes in you!

What clients are saying about this deck

After opening this deck, I could see Rechelle’s spiritual passion & enthusiasm reflected in each card.

The cards consist of a simple direct ‘action’ message to assist you with life in any situation.

I found the deck easy to work with & love the simplicity.

Thank you for this beautiful guidance message card deck.

Kath S:

I own & have worked with a few decks over the years & the thing I like most about the ‘Be Spiritwise deck’ is it’s simplicity.

I’m not distracted by lots of detailed imagery & confusing messages.

It’s simple & easy to implement the b=next step with where I am in my life.

I absolutely love this deck.

Thanks Rechelle for making it easy.

Marie C

All I can say is wow, wow, wow!!

Beautifully printed, I’m in love with the design.

Well worth the wait for this new deck to be released.

Congratulations Rechelle on all your hard work bringing it all together.

Brittany B

If you’re ready for greater success & happiness...