Self care in a crazy world

Hey tarot lover You don't need to be reminded of what's going on in the world at the moment with Covid-19. It's a bit crazy and life is changing for the highest & greatest good of all humanity in my humble opinion. I'm a massive advocate for self care & filling up my own cup… Continue reading Self care in a crazy world


Tarot roadmap for success

Hey tarot lover Your commitment is required to get the absolute most from your tarot cards. It can all seem quite overwhelming when you're first starting out but the good news is, if you stick with it, you will have the success you desire. You will be able to use the tarot as your personal… Continue reading Tarot roadmap for success


What does fairy floss & hot dogs have to do with the tarot & oracle cards?

Hey tarot lover, At the end of one of my private readings a couple of weeks ago. My client & I were chatting about learning the tarot. I was explaining the difference between tarot & oracle cards. When all of a sudden a big bag of pink fairy floss & hot dog popped into my… Continue reading What does fairy floss & hot dogs have to do with the tarot & oracle cards?


78 Therapists In One Box

Hey tarot lover, I'll bet when you first purchased your deck of tarot cards you may not of had any idea what so ever of how much they could help you? Well for me, this was the truth. I was on a weekend getaway in a little beach town an hour away from where I… Continue reading 78 Therapists In One Box


Selfish Living V’s Abundant Living: with a simple click

Photo by Tobias Dziuba on Pexels.com In this chaotic world with the threat of the Covid-19 Virus it has sent folks all over the world into an uneccessary element of fear. Fear is the unpleasant emotion that arises when you are in pain, feel threatened or in danger, a natural human emotion & response. BUT… Continue reading Selfish Living V’s Abundant Living: with a simple click


Prosperity tips

Are you sabotaging your prosperity?

In this short video I share a common pattern that I see time and time when coaching my clients privately.

I share 3 quick tips to help you shift your mindset from poverty to a prosperity way of thinking.


The BIGGEST Mistake Tarot readers make…

Tarot has been an instrumental tool for me living a spiritual lifestyle. With my trusty Rider Waite tarot deck always within arms reach, it's like having the universe on speed dial. I just love it.

Being able to gain insight & clarity at anytime I choose is fantastic. Fast forward to today & I'm now the tarot trainer. Teaching tarot students how to learn tarot the easy way. There are literally 1000's of tarot books on the market & it can be quite overwhelming knowing where or how to start.

Books are great, but will only take you so far & it can be really tricky & confusing if you're trying to learn tarot on your own. I fumbled for many years on my own & used my angel cards more than my tarot card deck, because to be honest, I was a bit scared of them. Boy oh boy, how the times have changed. I'm no longer scared & love using reversals when doing a tarot spread. So this automatically gives me 156 possible meanings to the insight I require.