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Can Tarot Decide Your Destiny?

There seems to bit a lot of confusion about how the tarot relates to your destiny. Folks want to know what their purpose is here on earth among a multitude of other questions. As much as I love working professionally with my clients & the tarot. There is one thing that the tarot cannot answer for you.

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How To Build Your Confidence As A Tarot Reader

I remember when I was learning to read for other people besides my family & friends. I was so nervous & excited at the same time. Wondering if my insights would be accurate & helpful to the recipient.Being nervous is perfectly normal.To become a good tarot reader you need good habits. You need to make some time every day or on the weekend to commit to your tarot practice. How much time you decide to invest is your freewill choice. I can't make that personal decision for you. However, I can recommend finding at least 30 minutes - 60 minutes to invest in your tarot practice. This could be a bi-weekly investment. A weekend investment or daily investment.

Tarot, Tarot Tips

Empower Your Tarot Questions During The Pandemic

So we are in full swing now with the global corona virus pandemic. This has left a lot of folks feeling uncertain & very insecure about what their future holds. It's not fun sitting in uncertainty & fear. This where the tarot can guide you & give you the direction steps you need to take, so you don't fall into the trap of fear.Tarot focuses on guidance that you can use for your own personal growth & development. If you don’t have a clearly framed question ready? Your answers & guidance will be incorrect & not accurate.

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Do You Need To Be Psychic To Learn The Tarot?

Learning how to read the tarot can be achieved by anyone willing to learn. You don't need any magical or mystical psychic powers. You don't need to have a long line of Gypsies or psychic's in your family going back generations. Everyone can learn the tarot.A big misconception is thinking that you need to be psychic to do tarot readings. Of course being psychic, clairvoyant or a medium definitely help. The truth is, no, you don't don't need this qualities to learn.

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What To Avoid Asking The Tarot

When you're starting on your tarot pathway, it can be easy to fall into the trap of wanting your cards to answer every question you may be enquiring about. This is a big no, no! One thing you need to be aware of is that your spirit guides will never interfere with your freewill choices. The tarot is only a guide for you to navigate your way through life. Your freewill choices will decide your outcome not the tarot.


Good Habit Tip: When You Think You’ve Failed

June 2020 was the month I decided to stop winging it & get really focused on my personal & professional goals, AGAIN.... Hmmmm....don't get me wrong winging has worked for me since 2001 in my biz but every so often I decide to up the anti & knuckle down on the things that are holding… Continue reading Good Habit Tip: When You Think You’ve Failed

Tarot, Tarot Tips

Crazy & Absurd Tarot Myths

I have chuckled many, many times at all the crazy & absurd myths that surround the tarot. I'm sure you've come up against them too at some point? I have been personally accused of doing the Devil's work & found that to be delightfully hilarious. It happened publicly on my biz FB page. Some of you may remember when it happened? Hmmmm....just another soul living from a space of fear & not having a damn clue about the tarot at all or my ethical business standards for that matter.


Learn 40 tarot cards in one go

Hey Tarot lover, The internet drives me bonkers when I see tarot enthusiasts professing that the tarot can be learned in just 2 hours or one day. This is not true & I would avoid such nonsense at all costs. You can most definitely improve your tarot knowledge in 2 hours or one day if… Continue reading Learn 40 tarot cards in one go