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Be Spiritwise – Guidance for your soul message

Peace: Moments of solitude create peace. Give yourself the gift of peace & make time for some solitary moments.

We all lead busy lives & this is why it’s so important to make time to relax. Remove any thing that is not serving your highest joy or greatest good from your life. Lighten your load & find your peace. Read a book, get creative, take a nap or a long bath with essential oils. Let peace become a habit in your weekly routine so you can be more self aware & focused when you’re needed at work or at home. You deserve it!

No-one comes back from heaven to tell me as a medium that they wished they had of worked harder & longer. It’s always the regrets of not making time to do something fun with those they loved or making time for self-care that they regret. Don’t make the same mistakes & give yourself permission to enjoy the little things that make you happy & bring you peace.

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