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4 Easy Steps to Reduce Stress

Decluttering regularly is a great habit once you get started. It’s something that I do weekly & gives you great rewards when you take on this self-empowerment mindful practice. I like to think of this process as looking after my mental, physical, spiritual & emotional wellbeing. We all know how important these four elements are to keep enjoying a well balanced & happy life.

Here’s how I do it:

Step one: Set boundaries for yourself.

This could mean getting off social media. Replying to personal phone calls & emails at a designated time each day. Planning meals ahead of time so you can enjoy a couple of nights off from cooking & do something fun or read that book that is sitting on your bedside table collecting dust. Working towards your goals dreams & desires & committing to your course of action steps required in to reach your goal.

Step Two: Track your emotional wellness.

Keep a log of your moods for one month. It takes one minute at the beginning & end of each day. Pop a sticker or draw a face that reflects your mood in your diary, on your calendar or use an emoji on your mobile device in the note section. After one month you can identify if there is a pattern of your mood’s. Check in each day to see how you’re feeling. What were you dealing with & who did you spend time with on the day. This will help you to identify changes in your mood. It will also help you to shift your awareness of what is serving you & what is not serving you.

Step Three: Cancel & delete. (My favourite step)

Each week, go through your email list & unsubscribe to anything that isn’t going to help you reach your goal, dream or desire. Do the same with your mobile phone & remove any contacts that you have had dealings with & remove messages that don’t require you to save. Be mindful of who you follow on social media & stick with the influencers that align with your personal goals. Steer clear of any drama filled personal friend content that you know is always negative & serves no real purpose.

Step Four: Laugh out loud everyday.

Find a reason to laugh out loud everyday. It’s a great stress release & great for your mind, body & soul.

Feel free to add your stress busters in the comments.

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