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No.1 Block That Stops Your Success

One of the biggest blocks I see when working with my clients & students is ‘the need to seek permission’. I have been guilty of doing this myself in the past. Until one day I realised what I was doing sub-consciously & decided to stop it immediately. That’s when my business took flight.

It hit me one day just after my interview with the publisher & owner of a local newspaper. A press release was being put together to announce my new shop opening. Scared & very nervous at the time. The man in charge of the newspaper, had mislead what he was prepared to deliver. Telling me that the article was free & no charges were involved in my press-release article. I was so excited & couldn’t wait. Over a cup of coffee, in a our local cafe. I answered all of his questions & told him about my dream business now being moved to a shopfront after I had outgrown working from home & renting rooms elsewhere in town. It was now my turn to move into a shop of my own.

Once the press release was published he called me with an aggressive attitude & had gone back on his word of not costing a penny. He expected me to pay $500 without this cost ever being mentioned in the interviewing process. Even though I had brought up costing at the time.

I was absolutely furious & almost fell for his dishonesty, as I considered paying him. I stewed on it for way to long. It took up my energy, left a bad taste in my mouth & quite frankly. I just wanted to poke his stupid eye’s out with his pencil, that he used to take notes from me in our local cafe, for preying on a young entrepreneur. How many other businesses had he done this too?, I thought to myself?

Good thing I have an unwavering belief in Karma. I chuckled to myself, when I calmed down & took a different approach to the situation. My first approach being, that, I thought I needed his approval for some strange reason, for my new brick & mortar business to be successful. The weirdest things pop into your mind when you’re giving your power away to other’s & not focused on your goal or dream. Crazy I know, but it happens.

After cracking the entreprenuerial shits. I decided that he was not going to intimidate me. My spooks whispered to me that ‘I was now the boss’. Holy crap! Shit! I am the boss now. The buck stops with me & every decision I make with my business leading me to fail or succeed. It was an unknown pathway back then. These were the thoughts running through my mind at the time.

I had reached a new level of business success & yet I still did not recognise myself completely as the boss, the CEO of my business. The business that folks to come to relieve their pain & trauma. The business students would come to, to learn how to connect with their intuition & learn the art of reading tarot & oracle cards. The place where hundred’s of private readings & remedial massages would take place over the next five & half years.

My point:

My mindset was still in the ‘I’m not the boss phase & still need everyone’s approval’. I remember that precise moment as I stared at the newspaper article pinned to my shop wall, out the back of my new business premises. A very proud moment for me at that time in my business. The newspaper guy, didn’t get his money from me due to his own deceit & the newspaper went out of business a few months later. Hmmmm….this would be his own karma brought on by his own actions.

My business was successful while I was in my shop. Reaching over six figures of annual income as a solo-entrepernuer, a few times in the five years I was there, before I decided to close the doors & go to England for work. I live in Australia.

Seeking the approval from those around you, will hold you back from achieving your goal or dreams. It doesn’t matter what your goal or dream is, what matters is, who are you listening too to reach it?

What’s the narrative running through your mind, that makes you feel like you can’t achieve your goal or dream on your own?

Here are a few of my tips & questions to ponder as you go about your day:

My Tips:

1: You don’t need anyone’s approval except your own.

2: Be willing to make the necessary sacrifices to help you reach your goal or dream.

3: Set aside time each day & do one thing that supports your goal or dream.

Questions to ask yourself:

1: Why do I feel the need to seek approval from those who don’t hold my dream or vision for my goal?

2: Why am I giving my power away to others instead of believing in my skills & the capabilitite’s I already have to achieve my goal or dream?

3: What will my life look like when I reach my desired goal or dream?

Once you dive a little bit deeper into understanding the ‘Why’ you feel the need to seek approval from others, you will gain a better perspective in how you can take the next step.

Goals & dreams don’t happen over night. There is no such thing as an overnight success! Success can be fast tracked with today’s modern technology world but only if you have the right mindset first. Be willing to adjust your mindset & what success means for you?

When you breakdown your goal or dream into bite size pieces & baby steps. Progress can be made. Success doesn’t come via your destiny either! So you can stop waiting for the magic beam of light to sprinkle fairy glitter on you. Success is achieved with action & effort. If you’re not willing to take action? Then you won’t achieve the success you desire. It’s that simple!

Think progress not perfection!

This will be the key in helping you achieve what you believe isn’t possible.

Let me know in the comments below what goal or dream you’re working on at the moment? I would love to know what action steps you’re taking or if you plan to start taking action today?

The first step may be the hardest but doesn’t have to be when you believe in what you do & why you’re doing it in the first place.

Here’s to your future untapped success,

Rechelle x

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