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Tarot Isn’t Magic or Evil

Why your lineage is blocking your tarot success.

Ancestors play a great part in how you’re choosing to live in a modern world. Traditions get passed down through generations. Ways of thinking also get passed down through family members being lead by their elders. This can be detrimental to the success you wish to achieve in your own life.

Don’t get me wrong, family traditions can be lots of fun & great. However, not so much fun when it comes to limited thinking. A poverty mindset can be passed from generation to generation. Not knowing how to clear & shift your mindset will keep you stuck & unable to achieve greater success in your own life.

For example: You may have been told as a kid…

  • You have to work hard to earn money.
  • Putting yourself first is selfish.
  • Lots of money is for greedy people.
  • Money doesn’t grown on trees.
  • You’ve made your bed now lie in it.
  • Illness runs in our family.

Take a moment now, to think about what you have been told as a child? What limiting beliefs were drilled into to you?

Tarot is simply a tool that taps into your psyche & sub-conscious thoughts & fears. Colourful card stock with imagery, that allows you to explore the layers of truth & authenticity about what’s going on in your own world. It’s not magic! It’s not for the chosen few on this planet! It’s knowledge, that when learned, can help you to achieve greater success in your own life.

Tarot As A Framework

Think of the tarot as a framework for your life. Each card used as a brick, to help you build the foundation & reach your own truth & clarity in any situation you may be facing. We all know how houses get built. Learning to read the tarot is a similar concept to building a new house.When you put tarot into the analogy of helping you to build. Your perspectives will change for the better using tarot as your guide. What you’re building when using the tarot is inner wisdom, mixed with archetypes & psychology that will help you, navigate your way through the layers of what you believed was true but may not be true at all for you personally. Perhaps your perception of truth, good or bad, was passed onto you & something that you have never taken the time to really explore or challenge for yourself, to see if it is true for you.

So what does this mean?

It means that you are learning to face the shadow aspects of yourself. Tarot helps you to identify any blockages that you may not have even realise you had. Tarot can help you to identify family patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation. Tarot is the framework that will uncover what needs to be dealt with, in order for change to happen & greater success to occur in your own life.

Tarot is a clever tool that was designed to assist & help folks. Doctrine teachings have perceived the tarot to be evil. This is because folks are not educated with regard to it’s purest form & true meaning, or how it works. Folks tend to fear what they don’t know. Which is normal. However, when arrogance subsides & knowledge is learned. The education that the tarot brings will open a new world of discovery. Leading you down a pathway of truth when read correctly, for personal discovery.

No-one has all the answers but what I have discovered after over 20 of working with the tarot & reading for thousands of clients in my private practice. Is that tarot has been a saving grace! Tarot helps to explore possibilities & identify where more work is required before before greater success can be reached.

I would love to know how use the tarot? Leave me a comment & I will respond. Share with your tarot buddy’s if you found this article to be helpful. I appreciate your support & taking the time to read it. Thank you.


Rechelle x

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