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My New Card Deck

Back in July 2020 I got to work, planning my very own card deck. What felt like a gazillion emails going back and forth with my project team helping me to bring it to fruition. My new Be Spiritwise Guidance for your soul card deck was produced & is now out in the world. Ready to help those who are serious about personal growth & development for greater success, to prosper in every area of your life. A guidance action step message on each of the 64 cards has be designed to help you propel your progress. Saving you time & unnecessary worry about what to do next.

The Be Spiritwise card deck is like having 64 new friends in a box. Friends who will cheer you on, give you the truth & a hug at the same time. Life is so much easier when you have your next step in place. I have taken the best of my life’s work & squeezed as much information as I could get into a small box of transform.

Inspiration for the card deck design:

Each card has been beautifully designed (without the Be Spiritwise Logo pictured below) to enrich & inspire you when working with the deck. This deck WILL transform your life! If you’re ready to take action & unleash your authenticity & soul’s truth, acknowledge your most pressing desires & need a helping hand while on your pathway to greater success.

Planning during a global shift & pandemic:

From an idea and dream that has been held in my heart for many years. A spare of the moment decision pushed me into to action mode in July 2020 with Christmas being my goal to have it ready for folks to enjoy by the end of a turbulent year during lockdown & the covid global pandemic. Now more than ever, folks need help & are going through forced changes that no-one could have predicted. This is why it was so important to me, to get my deck out into the world. To support folks & inspire much needed change in the world.

My passion is helping folks go beyond what they believe isn’t possible.

Many hours in front of my computer screen playing with graphic design was lots of fun, while I kept thinking about the end product helping folks worldwide to reach their own greater success stories in the wee hours of the morning while working to get the job done. This made the long hours worthwhile for me. Knowing that my card deck was going to help more folks reach their own personal goals, dreams, and desires during these challenging times.

Production – Patiently Waiting

A few months passed with November being the longest wait of my life. I was waiting on the arrival of my own self published indie card decks, that were being delivered to my door from the other side of the world. The day finally came & I couldn’t believe that it was happening. All my long hours and months of work had paid off with the final product now in my driveway. Stacked neatly on a pallet and secured with plastic wrap and packing tape. This video clip captures that special moment. A day which will be etched in my memory forever.

Card Deck Arrival Day December 1 2020

Such an exciting moment for me having my long awaited dream come true. I was absolutely thrilled to see my card deck being ready for distribution. My clients, tarot students and facebook fans had already pre-ordered my deck and they were patiently waiting for arrival day as well.

The feedback I have received from card deck owners so far, has been incredible. I have recently opened (as of January first, 2021) the Be Spiritwise tribe on Facebook. A private facebook group to share and give support & encouragement to all card deck owners, who have a facebook account. It’s a friendly non-judgmental tribe. A great community to learn, evolve and grow using my deck as your guide. Affectionately known as 64 friends in a box cheering you on with each step.

I’m active everyday in the group and will continue to help folks as much as I can inside this sacred hub. Whether you’re just starting out on your spiritual development journey or a bit further along on your pathway? This tribe is the perfect way to share, learn & evolve knowing you already have something in common with other members, from the get go. Members who are ready to expand their own success stories.

If you’re ready for greater success this year? I would be honoured to have you become part of my Be Spiritwise tribe and shall look forward to cheering you on, as you achieve your own goals , dreams and desires.

You can grab your own copy of my card deck here, if you’re ready to achieve greater success this year?

Join the tribe here once you have purchased my new deck. Can’t wait to help you and cheer you on in my Be Spiritwise tribe gorgeous soul.


Rechelle x

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