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8 Tips For Modern Day Empaths

Do you struggle being a sensitive soul?

Being an empath can be difficult on a daily basis when living life.

Today I‘m sharing 8 tips that can help you keep your energy in check.

Empath’s will be sensitive to energy & feelings of folks they come into contact with throughout their day. Knowing how to harness your own energy field within your body, helps you to stay grounded. When you become more aware of your own energy centre & somebody else’s energy field. This will be the key ingredient to keeping a well balanced energy field for you.

Being mindful of how you’re feeling from the start to the end of the day. Will help you to start to identify, if you’re taking on what you shouldn’t be, with regards to those around you. This requires you to check in with yourself frequently throughout your day.

I had absolutely no clue that I was an empath! Until I started working in my private massage practice back in 2001. Moments before a client arrived at my shop for their massage appointment. If they had a bad headache, I would start to get a headache. In the beginning, I thought it was my headache but when I felt aches & pains in my body all of a sudden for no reason. I started to take a bit more notice & monitor when this would happen & who’s company I was in at the time.

It wasn’t long before I realised I was an empath. Hmmm….not exactly a great perk of doing energy work with clients. I had to learn very quickly how to harness my own energy field & not take on my clients physical or emotional pain.

Below is a guide for you & simple steps you can take to ensure you’re not taking on other folks emotional feeling’s or physical pain.

1: Ask yourself is this mine or someone else’s feeling or emotion?

2: Breathe: Inhale to the count of four & exhale slowly to release the energy that isn’t yours.

3: Step away: Remove yourself from drama & negative places or folks where possible.

4: Limit physical contact: Limit time spent in crowded places to preserve your energy. Remove yourself where ever possible to reduce the impact to yourself & your energy.

5: Detox using water: Take a shower at the end of the day before climbing into bed to wash away the day & clear your energy field. Be sure to set your intention while doing this shower exercise. A simple affirmation of your choice is all that is required. For example: I’m clearing away that which isn’t mine & restoring my own energy field with love & light.

6: Set boundaries: Do your best to limit conversations, phone chats or any other form of communication that leaves you feeling drained & tired.

7: Alone Time: Give yourself permission to spend time alone to replenish your energy & rejuvenate your soul & spirit.

8: Ground Yourself in nature: Take some time out to ground yourself near the ocean, in nature or your own garden. Replenish your energy by being near living plants, trees & Mother Nature’s resources.

Let me know how you cope with being an empath in today’s modern world? Leave your comment or questions below.

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