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Suit of Cups: Made simple

The suit of cups is all about your emotional wellbeing. It can correlate with love, relationships, how you’re feeling & your mental state. You can be more complex with the cups but I like to keep it simple before deep diving into intricacy.

My blog posts are designed to help those who are learning or need a refresher with tarot.

Simplicity is the key for me.

When cups show up in your spread. You’re being guided to have a look at your emotional wellbeing. What is working for you & what isn’t working out so well for you? What do you need to change or pivot for better results?

Suit of Cups

I love story telling when working with the tarot.

The cups like every other suit offer a detailed story. The pictures indicate what’s going on with the people in the cards. As a beginner, it may take you a bit of practice to get your storytelling right. So I would recommend that you have fun making up stories as a way to allow your intuition to strengthen before asking any big heavy life changing questions.

See what the characters in the cards are doing & narrate your own story about what you feel is going on? You can include yourself & a situation to allow your intuition to kick in. Make sure you keep it light & simple to begin with & you’ll be amazed at what gets revealed.

Have fun!

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