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Suit of wands: The simple way to learn

The suit of wands is all about creativity, being pro-active, enthusiasm & action, planting seeds & coming up with fresh & new ideas. These are just a few ways to look at the wands. Wands are the driving force of momentum. When you think about it, it’s essentially a stick. A natural element created by Mother Nature. Sticks can be used to light fires, build homes & shelter & be used as weapons.

The suit of wands is about building something. The excitement you feel in your belly when you’re starting something new. It could be a new job, a relationship, generating more income etc. The foundations need to be laid first before the growth can happen.

When wands are dominant in your spread. You’re being guided to build on your idea. Stay excited & focused on your goal. Ponder the possibilities of what could grow if you stay pro-active & don’t allow yourself to stagnate. Keep the fire burning by tending to it.

Suit of wands

When you look at the wands suit together. You will quickly be able to identify the growth & building aspects. From the Ace = Beginning to the 10 = Completion stage of all your efforts paying off. The courts also show your progression from an idea as the page to mastery as the king.

I love keeping tarot learning fun & simple. It’s so much easier for my brain & more enjoyable.

Leave me a comment & let me know how you see the suit of wands?

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