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Can Tarot Decide Your Destiny?

There seems to bit a lot of confusion about how the tarot relates to your destiny. Folks want to know what their purpose is here on earth among a multitude of other questions. As much as I love working professionally with my clients & the tarot. There is one thing that the tarot cannot answer for you.

The tarot does not decided your destiny, you do!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the tarot wasn’t designed to tell you what your destiny is in this life time. This piece of your puzzle is up to you to figure out. Keep reading to find out where you need to start.

I personally believe that some things are truly destined in life & everything else comes back to your freewill choices & decisions. You are the consequence of your actions & decisions. No one can interfere with your freewill unless you allow them too.

So you can stop asking the tarot for

an answer that you will never get!

Your destiny depends on many things & my best tips would be to align yourself with your passions & hearts truth. Then follow the breadcrumb trail of synchronicity from the universe to connect you to the right opportunities.

This is how the tarot can be helpful. Before you ask for guidance from the tarot. You need to have a clear understanding of what makes your heart sing. What do you feel passionate about in your life & how can you serve others with your knowledge & expertise?

Are you putting off starting your own tarot business? Are you committing enough time to your daily tarot practice? Have you lost your zest for life & haven’t got a clue how to pivot & get back to the joy & flow in your life?

To find the golden nuggets of your destiny. You need to do some soul searching first. Then plant the seed that you can nurture & grow. A good place to start is with your passion/s. If you’re passionate about anything in life. It doesn’t matter what it is? This will be the starting point for you to brain storm your ideas & bring them into fruition.

Don’t wait for the tarot to tell you what to do because that is giving your power away & as already mentioned, it cannot be answered accurately.

If you’re ready for real changes to happen? Then use my tips to help you find the seed of passion that is true for you & will keep you inspired & ready to grow. Use the tarot for guidance once you establish your point of passion. Then see what unfolds & takes you beyond what you believe is possible right now. We are all destined to do many things in this life time. So what part of your destiny are you up to?

Have fun exploring!

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