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My Secret Recipe: For tarot lovers!

I’ll bet, you’ve never thought of using the tarot like a recipe?

Let’s dive into to how the tarot can be used in a recipe format. It’s a great easier way to learn when it’s broken down into bite size pieces. Bringing all the tarot elements together like you would when making your favourite recipe. You need the key ingredients for it to work out perfectly every time.

Take an onion for example

Onions are yummy in lots of dishes. You need to peel the onion & then you see all the layers that can be chopped, diced & sliced to add to your dish of choice. Ok, so quirky metaphors are my thing. Let’s take a closer look at what I’m talking about with regards to the tarot.

We are made up of many layers & so is the tarot. Life throws unexpected curve balls which can break our hearts & disappoint us depending upon the situation, similar to an onion being diced & making you cry. You’re torn, perhaps feel scared & uncertain of what to do next? This is where the tarot can help you gain perspective & see things from a clearer point of view.

The tarot is a layering system & once you know how all the layers fit together. Viola, you can create magic in your life.

Do you remember the first time you opened your brand new deck of tarot cards. They had a stationary smell, complimented with beautiful imagery. The excitement in your heart put a smile on your face as you were getting ready to dive in & start reading for yourself or friends? But then you peaked at the LWB (Little White Book) & your excitement quickly became confusion & WTF thoughts may have run through your mind.

You had to admit in that moment as a beginner that you didn’t have a clue about how to read your brand new deck. A pretty shitty feeling right?

Something inside of you knew that you wanted to explore the tarot. You knew it had meaning, you just didn’t know where or how to get started. The LWB isn’t very helpful. Sure it’s the most basic of meanings but you need more. You need to know how it all works together & how it can benefit you, to create the magic in your life that you’re seeking. Similar to cooking a good recipe that will be satisfying & fulfilling every time you make it. Knowing how to use the tarot the right way will be satisfying when you’re asking for guidance.

The tarot is no different to an onion or recipe

It’s all about the ingredients & layers with the tarot. Every layer makes it easier to digest & learn. You wouldn’t eat an onion in one go. So you can’t digest the tarot in one go. Master chefs refine their skills over many years just like exceptional tarot readers. The secret ingredient for learning the tarot is learning about the layers. This will be your recipe for success without the indigestion of overwhelm.

The most exotic dishes in the world are created with flavour & depth. Knowing what ingredients goes with what & how to cook it in a way that tastes good. I want you to start thinking about the tarot in this way. The tarot is full of depth & special magical ingredients that will help you create & manifest your goals & desires. When using the tarot like a recipe of special ingredients. You will be able to create a master dish. The dish being your goals or dreams.

Just like any good meal that you’re going to enjoy with your family & friends. A little bit of preparation is required. The preparation method is the same for the tarot. You need to prepare before you can read accurately. You need to be aware of how all the layers fit to together & will work perfectly for you every time you give or do a reading.

Preparation & practice are your keys to success with the tarot

My proven tarot formula has made it a more enjoyable learning experience for my tarot students to learn how to use their tarot cards correctly. I have a series of video tarot lessons which breakdown every layer of the tarot for you. My concept makes it much easier to understand your cards quicker & sets a strong foundation for you to be able to give accurate readings every time. Whether reading for yourself or others. My simple step by step lessons will benefit you.

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I’m here to support your tarot learning & pathway to future success using the tarot as your guide.

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