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How To Build Your Confidence As A Tarot Reader

I remember when I was learning to read for other people besides my family & friends. I was so nervous & excited at the same time. Wondering if my insights would be accurate & helpful to the recipient.

Being nervous is perfectly normal

To become a good tarot reader you need good habits. You need to make some time every day or on the weekend to commit to your tarot practice. How much time you decide to invest is your freewill choice. I can’t make that personal decision for you. However, I can recommend finding at least 30 minutes – 60 minutes to invest in your tarot practice. This could be a bi-weekly investment. A weekend investment or daily investment.

There is no such thing as an over night success!

This is the same for learning how to become a confident tarot reader. It takes time, dedication & commitment from you. The tarot will reward your efforts & that is one thing I can guarantee. The rest is up to you to implement & practice, practice, practice.

I’m a professional remedial massage therapist along side of my Mediumship & tarot training business. The same principles of practicing with patients before becoming qualified as a remedial massage therapist were expected during my training.

When I worked with my tarot mentor, I was expected to do the same thing & keep a log of 50 people I had to read for before course completion. A lot less than my massage log which was well over 500 hours of seeing patients, over & above the 500 plus hours theory component. So you can see that if you want to gain real results? You need to sacrifice a bit of your time to reach your end goal to become a more confident tarot reader.

I understand a busy lifestyle. I also understand when my soul needs a hit of goodness & play time. That’s when I take some timeout to play with my cards & study. I make sure that I find time to feed my soul & improve my skills as a tarot reader. Constant learning is the beautiful part of the tarot. There will always be more to learn no matter what level you’re at now. If you love the tarot as much as me? It will be easy to find the time to keep practicing & play.

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