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Empower Your Tarot Questions During The Pandemic

Hey tarot lover,

So we are in full swing now with the global corona virus pandemic. This has left a lot of folks feeling uncertain & very insecure about what their future holds. It’s not fun sitting in uncertainty & fear. The tarot can guide you & give you the direction steps you need to take, so you don’t fall into the trap of fear or uncertainty.

Tarot focuses on guidance that you can use for your own personal growth & development. If you don’t have a clearly framed question ready? Your answers & guidance will be incorrect & not accurate.

You want accuracy every time when working with your tarot cards. So it’s of vital importance that your question moves away from being general to being more specific.

Tarot questions you can ask your cards :

3 card spreads give enough insight, especially if you’re a tarot beginner

Working in a linear fashion from left to right. Ask your question using the list below then lay your cards from left to right in the corresponding 123 positions below.

1: Focus 2: Action 3: Advice/outcome

Doing this will allow you to see where your focus needs to be. What advice the tarot wants to give you & your potential outcome based on your own freewill choices. So in others words, you can choose to follow the guidance or ignore it & either way you’re correct. The tarot will never interfere with your freewill decisions. So therefore your outcome could be different based on what you decide to take action on.

In this article I provide some examples of how to ask the tarot for guidance using ‘ what, how, why & who’ questions: Use these prompts to help you.

What’ Questions

1: What do I need to implement for my situation to improve?

2: What do I need to do to improve my situation?

3: What am I failing to see right now?

4: What is the right course of action for me?

5: What are some potential pitfalls that I need to be aware of [name of situation] ?

How’ Questions

1: How can I improve my current situation?

2: How can I stop feeling so scared & fearful during this pandemic?

3: How can I invest my time more wisely for better results?

4: How can I relate better with my partner?

‘Why’ Questions

I steer away from asking questions of ‘why’ for me they have no real use & it keeps you or my client focused on the negative rather than being proactive. Asking why something happened isn’t a good idea in my professional opinion. Instead reframe your questions to ‘how can I improve ………….? Insert the situation in the blank space. Alternatively ask ‘what can I do for better results regarding ……………..? Insert the situation in the blank space. This will give you a positive spin & the next step.

‘Who’ Questions

Who can help me with _______?

Are you unsure of what to ask the tarot cards? Bring the following questions to your next tarot appointment… they can be modified to suit your needs, and feel free to ask for help from your tarot reader to rephrase/reframe your questions to your liking for best results!

When you know you need a tarot reading, but you’re unsure of what to ask….

1: What do I need to know right now for my highest & greatest good?

2: What situation needs my immediate attention right now?

An experienced tarot reader will be able to help you with the right questions to ask regarding your situation. You don’t have to have it all figured out before you invest in a professional tarot reading. That’s the readers job not your’s as a client or querent!

I hope this list of sample questions helps you gain deeper meaning & insights from your readings. Remember, the hallmark of a good tarot reading is to leave you feeling empowered and in control of your own destiny: because let’s face it, you’re the only one who has the control & power to change what’s not serving your highest & greatest good.

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