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Do You Need To Be Psychic To Learn The Tarot?

Learning how to read the tarot can be achieved by anyone willing to learn. You don’t need any magical or mystical psychic powers. You don’t need to have a long line of Gypsies or psychic’s in your family going back generations. Everyone can learn the tarot.

A big misconception is thinking that you need to be psychic to do tarot readings. Of course being psychic, clairvoyant or a medium definitely help. The truth is, no, you don’t don’t need these qualities to learn the tarot.

All you need is some commitment, a journal, a pen & a deck of tarot cards. Oh & a really good tarot book as a resource if you’re choosing to go it alone & not work with a tarot mentor/teacher/trainer. This is the exact place where readers get started.

Everyone has intuition!

Whether you choose to use it or not is up to you? Your intuition develops over time when studying the tarot. When learning the tarot your intuition will strengthen over time & with lots & lots of practice you will learn how to trust it. The key to becoming a good tarot reader is practicing. The key to becoming an exceptional tarot intutive reader is learning from a good tarot teacher who will guide & support your tarot journey.

There is a mammoth amount of tarot resources on today’s market for your choosing. Choosing what feels right for you, is important because you won’t always resonate with certain tarot books, cards decks or internet findings.

Be aware of tarot overwhelm when you’re getting started. It can be easy to run to the local new age witchy woo shop & spend way to much money on tarot books or card decks. Having to much information will be a clear recipe for disaster. So my advice would be to choose one good book & start with the Rider Waite Tarot deck as a beginner.

Choose a tarot book that you feel drawn too & look at the contents before purchasing to make sure it will help you for the stage that you’re at on your own tarot journey.

Most tarot books on today’s market have been written from the structure & format of the Rider Waite Tarot deck. This is why learning the Rider Waite Deck is a great place to start as a tarot beginner before moving on to other tarot decks. Learning the basics is what you will need before allowing your intuition to kick in & gain more insight from your cards intuitively.

Don’t rush & take your time for greater results. It’s a process not a sprint!

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