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What To Avoid Asking The Tarot

Hi tarot lover,

When you’re starting on your tarot pathway, it can be easy to fall into the trap of wanting your cards to answer every question you may be enquiring about. This is a big no, no!

One thing you need to be aware of is that your spirit guides will never interfere with your freewill choices. The tarot is only a guide for you to navigate your way through life. Your freewill choices will decide your outcome not the tarot.

Nothing is set in stone, so being aware of when & when not to consult your cards is very important.

Learning to trust your own intuition while studying the tarot is a great remedy. Don’t expect the cards to answer questions that have not been framed correctly. This will cause incorrect guidance & confusion.

Consulting the cards should be left for the bigger decisions that you’re facing in your life. The focus should be on you & not someone else for privacy & ethical reasons when consulting the tarot.

7 Questions to avoid:

Will My Lover Leave His Wife Or Husband?

Or any other question that doesn’t involve you directly. This is an invasion of privacy. Delving into another persons life is unethical. You do not have their permission to read for them & you will be seeing the situation from your or the clients perspective not from what is really going on in the person’s life.

Does My Ex Hate Me?

Or any other person that is not you. This is a disempowering question to ask & should be avoided. The tarot is not designed to tune into what others are feeling or thinking about you. Avoid asking the question & instead focus your question on ‘What Do I Need To Improve Regarding My Relationship? You can add to this question ‘about myself or as a future romantic partner?’ If you’re fresh out of a breakup?

What Are The Lotto Numbers?

Asking if you will win the lottery doesn’t work because it’s a game. A chance to win cannot be determined by the tarot. Buy a ticket & try your luck.

What Ever Comes Up?

Vague questions don’t work with the tarot. Your question needs to be clear & precise to receive a clear & precise answer. Focus on the area of your life that you would like to receive guidance & frame your question around a specific topic.

When Will I Die?

Or how long will I live? These are definetly not questions for the tarot. Consulting the tarot to answer this is wrong & morbid. Knowing the answer will not help. Leave this one for qualified medical professionals.

Am I Pregnant?

Here’s an idea, take a pregnancy test & find out.

Will I Win The Court Case?

The judge will decide & not the tarot. You can ask the tarot ‘how to improve your chances of a successful outcome?’. Or what do you need to know at this time regarding the situation? Tarot readers are unlikely to be trained to give legal advice, so save it for your legal representive.

These are just 7 of many questions that you should avoid asking the tarot.

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  1. Totally reasonating …. Once upon a time maybe id ask those questions…lol …..however Not now ..learning to frame the right questions!!

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