Good Habit Tip: When You Think You’ve Failed

June 2020 was the month I decided to stop winging it & get really focused on my personal & professional goals, AGAIN…. Hmmmm….don’t get me wrong winging has worked for me since 2001 in my biz but every so often I decide to up the anti & knuckle down on the things that are holding me back & keeping me stuck.

Four tweaks I focused on for change & progress in June included:

Looking after my health better

30 day LIVE video biz challenge

Decluttering what was no longer serving my highest & greatest good. Physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Writing & creating more for my social media audience.

Everything was going along just fine until I got a phone call at 2:20pm one Saturday afternoon. A friend from Sydney called to invite me to a dinner party. Hmmmm….I had a decision to make, clean my shutter blinds or meet new & interesting friends? Ummm…clearly a no brainer ….lol

Forty minutes later I was on my way to Sydney. A 90 minute drive to my destination. No time to paint fingernails, worry about what I was wearing or how long it had been since I have been to a dinner party. Halfway to Sydney I realised what I had not not packed. My straightening iron. OMG…us low maintenance gals still enjoy a bit of luxury every now & again. Even if it is only doing your locks in a different style every so often.

Too late to turn back. I was stuck with a ratty hair do, nothing my stylish beanie couldn’t fix & chuckled to myself as I thought about what sort of first impression I would make meeting new people. The thought that ran through my brain was: Oh well, I’m me, take it or leave it. So there was 3 seconds of my life sorted fast.

Now here’s where it gets interesting.

I had put myself on a 30 day challenge of no alcohol. Why? Because it seemed like a good idea & I wanted to see if I could do it. I’m not a big drinker to begin with so was it really a challenge at all? Yes, because there were odd moments where a glass of wine would have been nice but stubborn ole me, stuck to her guns & pressed on.

I politely declined drinks on arrival at the dinner party. Go me! Doing great, or so I thought. Until the pink champagne came out. My internal dialogued kicked in as I was doing my best to stay on the wagon of my goal. Then my friend said, you’re allowed to have one. No, it’s fine, I’m driving I replied.

Then before I knew it, I was deeply engrossed in great conversations, laughing & having a great time being social in a beautiful welcoming & loving home with awesome folks from 6 different cultures & backgrounds.

My weak spot hit & I said oh ok, give me a champers. Well, it wasn’t the best tasting champagne I had ever had & the moment it passed my lips. The deed was done.


I was doomed forever & at the point of no return….Kidding! I like a tad of theatrics every now & again to keep me amused.

I quickly told my friend that it wasn’t worth breaking my challenge only to be disappointed by shitty tasting champagne. We laughed & the night went on. Oh boy, here comes the red wine as I was filling my plate with delicious roasted lamb & veggies. Taste this, you’ll love it. Sure I replied, knowing that I had already broken the chain of my goal & would be sent to hell for sure being a complete failure… It was yummy & well worth it.

A massive pivot of insight lurked in my brain as these memory making moments filled my heart with happiness & joy.

I’m no longer being hard on myself if I slip or have a cheat day. My 30 day mission continued with one day being skipped on my calendar. No big deal. However, the old me would have been beside herself. Filled with self berating words to punish herself for the slip.

I call a simple slip a CHA CHA moment being a lot wiser now than my younger days.

No matter what your personal or professional goals are you don’t have to keep punishing yourself if you slip & take 2 steps forward & 3 steps back every once in a while. Hence…the CHA CHA analogy. It’s ok to be kind to yourself & just keep going, like I chose to do skipping over a day on my calendar. One day & 3 drinks out of 30 days isn’t going to send to me to doomsville island or hell.

So if you slip because you’re doing the CHA CHA? Keeping dancing gorgeous & you’ll get better with practice.

Cheers to you for starting the dance in the first place!

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