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Crazy & Absurd Tarot Myths

Hey Tarot lover,

I have chuckled many, many times at all the crazy & absurd myths that surround the tarot. I’m sure you’ve come up against them too at some point? I have been personally accused of doing the Devil’s work & found that to be delightfully hilarious. It happened publicly on my biz FB page. Some of you may remember when it happened? Hmmmm….just another soul living from a space of fear & not having a damn clue about the tarot at all or my ethical business standards for that matter.

The Devils Work – Insert eye roll here & a big sigh

It’s far from the devil’s work in fact it’s been designed to help folks not hurt them. This is a strong belief of many in varying cultures. Luckily, I don’t hold a grudge or get upset when attacked because I know the person is misinformed & has a freewill choice to express what is true for them. I don’t try & convince anyone of my own beliefs. It’s not my style. Nor do I wish to waste my time in heavy debates that wouldn’t be resolved. So I choose to go about my business quietly & help those who seek out my tarot & Mediumship services.

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I need to sleep with my tarot deck – I’m really good at eye rolling

Another crazy & absurd belief is that you need to sleep with your tarot cards under your pillow to bond with them. Oh my Lordy lord…this is the biggest crock of sh*t that I have ever heard. All that will do, is wreck your cards! Seriously, who thought up this crazy idea? It doesn’t make any kind of sense at all. The only way to ‘bond’ with your cards is to practice & study. Sleeping with them under your pillow won’t help you wake up the next day knowing all there is to know about the tarot.

Please don’t sleep with your cards under your pillow they aren’t good huggers…lol

Banging your cards on the table to clear energy – WTF?

My next one is “why do tarot readers bang the crap out of their cards before & after a reading?” This is sooooo annoying for me. I laugh every time I see it happening on youtube, these readers have been told it clears the energy. Yeah, well, I’m not buying that theory. Your cards are cardstock. Everything is energy but banging the be-jesus out of them isn’t going to do anything except ruin them in time. When your cards get ratty & tatty. Recycle them & buy a new deck. You cards are simply the spring board for insight. They don’t have the power to know who has used them & who hasn’t. If your readings are going hay wire? It’s not because of your cards. It’s because your energy is out of balance & your intention isn’t clear. Don’t blame your cards. They are cardstock with pictures & that’s all.

Here’s another juicy one for you. Don’t let anyone touch your cards. Ummmm….why not?

Yep! I’m that curious person who always wants to know why? The belief being that your cards will be contaminated, so you’re the only one that should touch them. Really? Insert another big fat eye roll here. It’s not true. I have let 100’s of clients touch my cards before I chose to work online full-time & stopped doing in person readings a few years ago. It has never affected my readings accuracy. Granted if they have got sticky mits (aka their hands). I would kindly ask that they wash their hands for the soul purpose of card preservation.

If these ideas have been weighing on your mind? You can let it go & know that they are crazy & absurd ideas that have filtered their way through generations of tarot readers. I understand energy & how it works as a full-time medium. I can tell you that the buck stops with you & not your cards where energy is concerned. To be able to give an accurate reading every single time. You need to be grounded, centred & know what you’re doing. Your intention needs to be perfectly clear for accurate guidance. You can’t be wishy washy when working with your cards. For example: Wanting one answer but thinking about something else. If you do this? The tarot will give you an in accurate answer.

Keep your learning process simple!

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Next’s weeks article will guide you on ‘what not to ask the tarot’.

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