Learn 40 tarot cards in one go

Hey Tarot lover,

The internet drives me bonkers when I see tarot enthusiasts professing that the tarot can be learned in just 2 hours or one day. This is not true & I would avoid such nonsense at all costs.

You can most definitely improve your tarot knowledge in 2 hours or one day if you spend the time studying. The tarot is a life long journey & a magical one at that. The time frame on how quickly you can learn the tarot is up to you. It depends on how much time & effort you’re willing to put into learning a new skill that will support you for a lifetime.

In saying that there definitely is a fast track way to learn the tarot. You can learn 40 of the 78 cards in one go. This is a technique I teach my tarot students. Pretty cool right?

Each suits takes a path of travel from ace to ten. A new lesson & experience must be conquered before getting to the next lesson in the tarot. For example: Aces represent new beginnings for the 4 suits. Before you can move to the 2’s in the suit, you need to have a good understanding about what new beginning you’re starting. The two’s are all about your next decision after the ace. The three’s open up your pathway of progress.

So you can see the pattern forming in my example using Ace, two & three. All the numbers mean the same thing in each of the four suits. The only difference being what the suit is, a wand, a cup, a sword or pentacle? Each suit having it’s own meaning to pinpoint what the querent is enquiring about.

For Example: Wands represent passion & creativity. Cups represent your relationships & emotions. Swords represent your intellect & mindset. Pentacles represent your home, career, relationships, money & anything to do with the material world.

When you have a clear understanding of what each pip card (cards numbered ace – 10) number means you essentially have learnt 40 cards in one go. I told you it was cool.

This makes learning the tarot much easier & non stressful. Below is one keyword description for each number to make your tarot study a bit easier.

Ace: New beginnings

Two: Decisions

Three: Progress

Four: Consolidation

Five: Change

Six: Stability

Seven: Don’t give up

Eight: Personal power

Nine: Reflection

Ten: Completion

So there you have it. A quick way to learn the numbers & 40 cards in one go. Leave me a comment if this was helpful for you?

Stay tuned for next weeks blog : Crazy & Absurd Tarot Myths

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