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Your commitment is required to get the absolute most from your tarot cards. It can all seem quite overwhelming when you’re first starting out but the good news is, if you stick with it, you will have the success you desire. You will be able to use the tarot as your personal roadmap for your future success, goals and dreams.

I totally get that it can be easy to give up. Thinking that you don’t have the time or money to invest in a good tarot course or mentor. You play with your cards but still feel like you’re not getting the answers to your most pressing questions. So, you put them away and give up.

When I first started learning the tarot. I would have to say that I sat in complete doubt for a long time. Doubting myself, my intuition & wondering if it was all really worth it. I knew I loved the cards but was trying to do it all on my own. Not having anyone to bounce my ideas from or chat to about tarot was so frustrating for me. I felt completely alone. I’m talking way back when the internet wasn’t filled with youtube videos, tarot groups and places to just hang out with others who loved the tarot as much as I did.

You may be feeling this way right now?

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One thing that made it much easier for me to learn was having a roadmap. Over many years I have refined my tarot roadmap in many ways. From learning the basics to the more advanced ways of using the tarot. Knowing when & when not to consult my cards. Learning how to do shadow work to help me with my own personal and business development. The tarot has been my roadmap to success. Helping & guiding me to achieve my goals & dreams.

It’s provided me with the structure that I needed and helped me to keep enjoying the creative process of the tarot. With commitment & time, things became so much easier. These days when I do a tarot spread, all I do is glance at the cards & I know exactly what they are telling me & what action steps I need to take for my own success. It literally takes me seconds. This is one of the rewards for making the commitment & spending the time to study the tarot.

Celebrate your small wins when learning the tarot

So don’t give up on your tarot study. Make it fun & enjoyable for yourself. You don’t need several hours every day. Twenty minutes is a great place to start. If you keep chipping away just like the 8 of pentacles. You will reach your goal.

My tarot formula helps my tarot hub students learn the fun & easy way. Learning at their own pace while still being connected to liked minded new friends in my tarot community. My tarot formula is a roadmap for learning tarot the easy way. and getting more out of your readings. It’s a method I’m really proud to share because it has helped me with being a full-time professional Medium & tarot reader. It gives me great joy to see how quickly my tarot students are learning. Watching their progression & personal successes is priceless for me.

Leave me a comment & let me know how your tarot learning is going? I would love to know.

When you’re ready to learn tarot the fun & easy way? Send me an email & I shall welcome you with open arms into my tarot hub. 12 Month membership includes: 24/7 access to all the video lessons (lots of them) with more being added regularly. LIVE group coaching call every month with me. Access to a closed private facebook to interact & be supported from like minded new friends and myself. One low price of $397 AUD (Australian Dollars) that’s less than $8 per week or 2 cups of purchased coffee….lol

Email me (Rechelle) if you have any further questions or you’re ready to join us in the hub? I would be honoured to be able to help you on your tarot pathway to success.

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