What does fairy floss & hot dogs have to do with the tarot & oracle cards?

Hey tarot lover,

At the end of one of my private readings a couple of weeks ago. My client & I were chatting about learning the tarot. I was explaining the difference between tarot & oracle cards. When all of a sudden a big bag of pink fairy floss & hot dog popped into my mind & I blurted out, it’s like fairy floss & hot dogs. No, I wasn’t hungry & the words that followed next were: Did I really just say that out loud?

Fairy Floss & hot dogs…

Fairy floss or cotton candy

My client & I started laughing. It comes as no surprise to me chatting this way while bringing food into the equation. I’m a foodie & for many years have always used quirky analogies when working with my clients.

So lets talk about fairy floss & how it compares to your oracle decks. Oracle decks give you the light, sugary & fluffy meaning. They are more gentle than tarot cards & it’s not that tarot is scary. It simply means that oracle cards are usually where folks start their own self development pathway. Oracle cards have a message written on them plus a guide book. So it’s all there for you. Easy peasy! Except it doesn’t go deep enough to get to the core issues or show you your life’s lessons.

Now what’s a hot dog got to do with the tarot? I will be honest. After my phone reading with my client. I stopped to think about this just a little bit more. My client got a full explanation, so she was happy being shown the difference between the two.

Hot Dog

Hmmm… so a hot dog? Brace yourselves tarot lovers because this is my take on it. A hot dog makes you fill fuller for longer than fairy floss will. You have the meat and a bun plus some sauce if you choose. The meat is just like the tarot getting into the nitty gritty of your higher & sub-consciousness. I call it getting the meat off the bone, so of course it made perfect sense to me. It’s rich in meaning and forces you to look at what’s blocking you from achieving your desired goal or outcome.

Now the bun. I perceive the bun to be the universe. Here me out peeps…lol

The bun wraps 3 quarters of the way around the hot dog or Frankfurt sausage right? So, to me, this is the universe’s guiding hand helping you. Leaving the opening of the bun for your own freewill choices. The tarot helps you see things that you otherwise wouldn’t see & your freewill choice comes with how you choose to follow the tarot guidance or ignore it?

Huh….and you thought I was bonkers!

Hmmm…. maybe you still do & that’s perfectly ok too. I’m the sort of person who likes to keep tarot learning simple & fun. There is way to much confusing information out there already regarding the tarot. I learn best, when it’s simple & fun. That’s exactly how I like to teach my tarot students.

I trust my guides after many, many years of working with them & know they like to have fun & have quirky ways of doing things as well. So that’s why we are such a perfect match. Even if I do drive them a bit bonkers at times.

Now that you’ll never look at fairy floss or hot dogs in the same way ever again (you’re welcome lol) you can now see the difference between using your oracle & tarot decks.

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Stay tuned next week for my next blog post: Tarot roadmap for success

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