Why use a tarot journal?

Hey tarot lover,

If you’re stationary lover like me? You will have no problem wanting to dive into creating a tarot journal. I’m very arty & crafty always having various projects on the go. I have way to many art & craft supplies to keep me busy for a lifetime. But hey, it allows me to lose myself for a few hours & keeps me happy knowing that I’m not only allowing my creative streak to shine though but always learning more about my tarot decks while having fun.

You don’t need any artistic ability to be able to start a tarot journal, so don’t stress out. You don’t need an endless supply of art & craft materials either. It’s all just part of the fun. If you choose to take your journalling a bit further? You can raid your kids pencil case, if you feel like doing some colouring in or decorating your journal. It doesn’t have to be a full blown master piece.

Why is a tarot journal so important?

A tarot journal helps you learn more about your cards when studying. It allows your intuition to be ignited when you’re doodling mindlessly. Observing the pictures in the cards. Gazing at the characters. Exploring the scenery depicted in each card & if you’re brave enough to open your mind & let the tarot card chat to you? What would it say?

3 of wands

So lets have some fun & let me explain how I do this.

It’s a fun exercise when you’re new to the tarot.

A man is looking out into the distance whilst holding a wand, or baton as it’s known in some tarot decks. Is he in reflection? What do you think is waiting for? Is he imagining his future or is he in deep contemplation? The baron landscape looks hot, dry, dusty & could quite possibly go on for miles. A small amount greenery tells me this is a landscape where certain things could flourish. He is standing on the top of what seems to be a rock face. His loose fitting clothing drapes his body keeping him comfortable & protected from the sun rays. The new growth on the wands is in the beginning stages. The ground is solid underneath him.

So what does all this really mean? You can see how I have pieced the picture together to give me some information about the card.

Now, if I was to draw the 3 of wands for myself without asking any sort of specific question. I would know that I am standing on firm & solid ground with the room to grow & nurture what I choose to in my future. I’m feeling comfortable with my life right now but I am seeking more as I look out into the distance daydreaming about all my possibilities.

Without knowing anything at all about the cards. This fun exercise can help you to get a feel for story telling. Test it for yourself. All you need is a few short sentences. Like my example above. You don’t have to worry about whether you’re right or wrong because it’s an experimental exercise & no-one’s life is depending on it. You don’t need to ask a question either because that may confuse things for you being new to the tarot.

When using your tarot journal. Pick one card & do this exercise. You don’t have to understand the exact meaning of the card when you’re starting out. Have fun with letting the card tell you a story. Let your imagination run wild & jot down some notes in your journal. You can do this more than once with 78 cards in your deck. So enjoy some fun practice next time you feel bored or you’re sick of Netflix bingeing and watching romantic comedies like I am….haha

Keeping a tarot journal is important because it helps you to remember insights about your cards. You can look back at how far you have come with your own tarot study & see how much progress you are making. Decorating your journal is optional but for me I find it helps me with my intuition when certain images pop out via my clairvoyant ability. I may get a flashback to my journal imagery which helps me gain insight & clarity. This happens over time & not immediately. So don’t feel panicked or rushed. Take your time. Practice & most of all have fun with your journal.

10 of Cups

Have a go using the 10 of cups now & leave me a comment below. I would love to see how this exercise works for you as a tarot beginner.

Some questions to ask while exploring this tarot technique: How does the card make you feel? Is it a positive or negative card for you? What jumps out at you straight away when you look at the card? What is the energy of the card telling you? Asking some questions will refine your focus. You can’t get this fun exercise wrong because you’re not asking a specific question. Not knowing the symbolism or meaning of the card is not a big deal either at this stage of your tarot play.

This is an exercise for your intuition to kick in & for you to learn to trust what you see & feel about the card.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment below when you have tried this fun exercise with the 10 of cups pictured above. I would love to know how it worked for you.

Stay tuned for my next blog: What does fairy floss & hot dogs have to do with the tarot? You won’t want to miss it….lol

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