Tarot Mind Field

Hey tarot lover,

The memory is still very fresh in my mind when I opened my Rider Waite tarot deck for the first time. I didn’t have a clue where to start what questions to ask or how they all fit together to give me the much needed guidance I was seeking. It was so overwhelming that I almost gave up!

I’m not the sort of person who gives up easily or quits when things get a bit tough. This was the same approach I took when I started studying the tarot seriously in my twenties. I was determined to figure it all out & spent countless hours learning what I could about the Tarot.

Fast forward to 20 plus years later & my hard work has definitely paid off. This doesn’t mean it takes 20 years to learn the tarot. No, not at all. What I found to be most helpful was when I decided (with a nudge from my spirit guides), was finding a tarot mentor to help me. The books were ok but very confusing & conflicting. Leaving me feeling unsure if I was reading my spreads correctly. Finding a tarot mentor was the best thing I ever did for my tarot practice & priceless in the long run for me.

I felt like I was walking through a mind field at the time of starting my tarot pathway.

Not a good feeling to have when you are well aware of all the good the tarot can do for you. Helping you to see things more clearly. Being able to address under lying issues that lurk in your sub-conscious mind & are the culprits for holding you back from reaching your desires, dreams & goals.

In my last blog article, I mentioned how my spirit guides lead me to a man who could help me learn tarot. It was a short course but one that will last me a lifetime. It gave me the foundation I needed to be able to use the tarot & expand over time all the things that I was learning. Not to mention it helped me in leaps & bounds to strengthen & trust my own intuition.

I would never have imagined that I would end up being the tarot mentor for many students who have a desire to learn the same way I did all those years ago. I have helped many students with my workshops, retreats & tarot classes over the years since starting my own private practice in 2001 progressing to help literally 1000’s of folks worldwide with my tarot knowledge, intuitive insights & private readings.

In September 2019 I opened my first online tarot school. Students enjoy learning the tarot at a time that is convenient for them without the expensive travel, having to pay for a baby sitter & missing out on family time. From right in the comfort of their own home they can binge on tarot videos instead of Netflix & be as creative as they wish to be decorating their tarot journal. Tarot journals are a vital ingredient when you’re first learning the concepts, symbolism, suits among other necessary components of the tarot. More on tarot journals in my next article.

If you’re sick & tired of trying to figure it all out on your own? Then come & join my online Tarot Hub & meet like minded new friends who are learning the tarot. It’s a fun, relaxed & informative tarot community still in it’s baby stages. So it’s not an intimidating place to be, I would love to help you with your own tarot pathway to success & cheer you on every step of the way. If you have a facebook account? That’s all you need to join my Tarot hub. Everything at the click of a button is right there waiting for you to start.

My tarot hub is affordable with a life time of rewards for you!

Email Rechelle: rechelle.horton@icloud.com

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