78 Therapists In One Box

Hey tarot lover,

I’ll bet when you first purchased your deck of tarot cards you may not of had any idea what so ever of how much they could help you?

Well for me, this was the truth. I was on a weekend getaway in a little beach town an hour away from where I live in Australia which had 2 new age shops. Books, cards, crystals, trinkets & all sorts of witchy woo goodies kept me amused while the incense smells wafting through the shop delighted my senses.

I had visited many new age shops over many years but his time it was different. For a couple of weeks before my weekend trip, I felt an urge inside my body that I couldn’t shake. My spirit team were letting me know it was time. My response, when chatting to my spirit team, time for what exactly? I asked? You need your own deck of Tarot cards. A proper deck. Me: What do you mean by proper deck? I already have oracle decks. Them: A teaching deck. I knew which deck they were referring to it was the Rider Waite Smith deck. The deck I was scared of because it had the death card in it & swords & blood among other things that felt intimidating to me.

I was comfortably confident working with the pretty pictured cards with the messages written on the bottom. Yes, you know the ones. Angel cards. They were working just fine for me on my own self development journey but the spooks (my spirit team) had others ideas for me as usual. Not that I was aware of what that would be at the time. I had no idea what was going to happen back then in my early 20’s

So the spooks were telling me…lol

I purchased the deck went home opened the packet. Took one look, freaked out & said to myself, well, that was a waste of money. I took a peak at the LWB ( little white book) that came with the deck & my first thoughts were hmmm this is pretty useless. Not much has changed in that arena with regards to the LWB. I still to this day have never read it again.

The spooks may have been ready for me to use the tarot but I definitely wasn’t. I resisted for a few years before I was pushed again by my spooks. Mind you, the bright yellow box did look pretty amongst my now bigger collection of cards.

I was in my local new age shop when a tarot book fell off the shelf & onto the floor where I was standing. Has this ever happened to you? I had heard of this happening but thought folks were just bonkers & never gave it a second thought until it happened to me. It was a tarot teaching book. I purchased the book & the author would be become my tarot teacher for 3 weekends. I was still resisting & while at my own shop one day in-between seeing my own clients. The spooks said call him. Call who? I answered back abruptly. The tarot author. Why? I replied still resisting. You have more to learn as an aspiring mentor. This man can help you. Me: I’m not an aspiring mentor at all, I replied. The spooks were not going to let this one slide any longer, so I made a deal with them. Ok, ok, I will call him. Thinking that he would be way to busy to answer the phone, but guess what, he did.

I was nervous & stumbling over my words, caught totally off guard that I was speaking to the author of a tarot book. I asked if I could learn from him. He was delighted, gave me the details & I hung up. Happy now, I said to my spooks shaking with excitement & fear. My spooks laughed & thought it was funny, me not so much. I had now just committed to a course & travelling a couple of hours away from where I lived. 12 trips in total to learn more about the tarot who would become my 78 therapists in a box for me.

This set me well on my way to becoming excited & no longer scared of the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck. Like so many others, my fears were exactly the same when I looked at the deck but there was a massive piece of curiosity within me. I knew I wanted to learn more about it but I also knew I couldn’t do it alone. So a few nudges from my spooks guiding me & I was now the fool, starting my own tarot adventure.

Here I go: Following the spooks advise!

It was great to learn in a small group of like minded ladies. Paul, my tarot teacher was a straight shooter & no fluff just like me. I loved that about him. Yes, there were a few ladies off with the pixies but he sorted them out very quickly as I giggled silently to myself.

I worked hard, studied for many hours & gave away lots n lots of free tarot readings before becoming a full-time professional tarot reader & Medium. My Mediumship journey is a story for another time.

I was no longer scared & having my own set of 78 therapist in a box (as I affectionately call them) to help me with my own life has be truly amazing.

I’m now the Tarot mentor with my own online tarot school. Helping students just like I was navigate their way through the tarot learning experience. Before taking my tarot course online, I taught it when I had my own shop in Georgetown newcastle for several years. It’s a lifetime of learning but the rewards definitely out weigh any investment made when you want to take your skills to the next level. Having 78 therapist to help you all at once, is priceless! But so worth the investments I have made with my time, studying & financial outlay to be able to help my clients & my tarot students.

Leave me a comment below if you resonated with anything in this article? I would love to hear from you. What’s your favourite tarot deck? Were you scared of the Rider Waite deck when you started?

Please email me if you’re interested in becoming a Tarot Hub student where I teach you the secret formula I have created over many years to give you accurate readings every time. I make learning the tarot fun, easy & not scary. I would be delighted to support your Tarot journey.

Email: rechelle.horton@icloud.com

1 thought on “78 Therapists In One Box”

  1. Thank you for sharing your story and adventures with the spooks .. i am just starting out on this “therapy in a box” and loving each card and the layers applicable to each one.

    I feel I travel on a new journey each time i look at my cards, evertime is an adventure.

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