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What Is Deck Blending?

Hi tarot lover,

Everyone likes to spice things up now & again right? Well, why not do this with your tarot & oracle decks. You are not limited to one deck & if you’re a died hard deck collector like me? You will have plenty to choose from when it comes to oracle & tarot decks. Choice is a great thing when it comes to Tarot play.

So, what do I mean by blending your decks?

When doing a tarot spread you can gain further insight into your reading when you choose to use a second or third deck of cards. This could be oracle or tarot it doesn’t matter.

You will see a typical 3 card spread pictured below. Lets say I have asked the cards, ‘What do I need to know this week’? Card number one on the left (page of cups) will represent the beginning of my week. The centre card (2 of wands) will represent the middle of the week & the far right card (the fool) will represent the end of my week.

Basic 3 card tarot spread

After your first 3 cards are spread out it’s now time to introduce your second row using another card deck. The goal being to receive more information regarding each card in your top row.

So, for example, your next can will be please give me more clarity with the page of cups. Then draw a card & place it directly underneath card one. Repeat this for card 2 & 3 using the same question & title of the card in the first row. Below is a picture using this method.

Blending 2 decks

Now lets introduce your third deck of choice. Using the same question (please give me more clarity with…) but this time you will enquiring about the cards in the second row. From left to right.

So it will read as follows. Please give me more clarity with the 7 of cups. Then draw a card from your 3rd deck & place it underneath the first card in the second row. Example picture below. Repeat your question for cards 2 & 3 the same way you did for the second row.

3 deck card blending

You now have a 9 card spread. Yes, it’s a bit of over kill for looking at the week ahead. 3 cards is definitely sufficient but I wanted to show you how to introduce different decks for more in depth readings.

How to read this 9 card spread?

Now comes the fun part.

You start with the top row. Look at card one in the top left hand corner. In this example it’s the page of cups. Write down in your journal all your insights. What you feel, sense, see, know or intuit about the first card. Then move down to the second row & do the same with card number 4 which in this example is the 7 of cups.

The spread layout is numbered 1-9 from the top left.

First row being 1-2-3

Second row being 4-5-6

Third row being 7-8-9

After you have done card number one move to the second row & write down all your insights on the card directly underneath. In this example it is the 7 of cups. Repeat the process for card number 7 (Knight of shells pictured above in the example spread).

Using the method as shown for cards 1-4-7 repeat the process for cards 2-5-8 and then go onto cards 3-6-9 writing your insights in your journal.

You now have a new way to use your cards to gain further insight rather than sticking to just one deck. Have fun with this technique. I recommend this technique for intermediate or advanced readers only. If you’re a complete beginner? You do not need to be overwhelmed by a 9 card spread. Just remember, you won’t be a beginner for ever if you make the time to study & practice using your tarot cards.

Happy tarot play!

Let me know what favourite decks you use when playing with your cards? Do you already blend your decks? If so, how do you choose to do your layouts? I invite your feedback & would love to know.

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