Tarot Invoking Intuition

Hey tarot lover

Tarot definitely is the right tool if you’re ready to invoke your intuition. Not only will it strengthen your insight to your life & self discovery pathway. It will strengthen your intuition when used correctly.

I get asked all the time if tarot will help with developing intuition & psychic ability. The answer is yes! It’s symbolism & depth to be able to ignite consciousness and mindful living will propel your natural intuitive ability.

When using your tarot cards using a methodical system. For example: My tarot formula that I teach my tarot students making it easy & fun to learn the tarot. This will give you the ability to improve your own natural intuitive skills further.

Tarot & oracle guide books

The guidebooks will only tell you so much. I haven’t looked at guidebooks for many years. Why? Because I know the foundations & tarot structured systems. Even when I purchase a new deck of cards. I very rarely take the time to flip through the guide book. Instead, I choose to trust my intuition & let the cards speak to me. This doesn’t mean I don’t think guidebooks should not be used. No, not at all. This is purely a personal choice of mine as an experienced Medium & professional tarot card reader.

If you’re new to Tarot or oracle card readings. Guidebooks are the perfect place to start. However, if you wish to push yourself further & test your intuition? Try, reading your cards without the book. Write in your journal what you see, feel, know & sense about the cards.

See how your own insights resonate for your own situation & question. Be mindful that when reading for yourself. It’s important to stay objective. Like you would if reading for a stranger. If you don’t stay objective, you won’t get the right answer. The cards are designed to tell you what you need to know, rather than what you want to hear. Keep that in mind at all times when using your decks.

Your intuition increases when you understand all the foundations & tarot structured systems first. Without knowing these things, you will end up in a tangled mess of confusion. So take the time to work with your deck at your own pace & then when you feel ready to go to the next level. Let your intuition be your guide & see what you discover.

Let me know in the comments below whether you’re using the guidebooks for your decks or you’re stretching yourself to practice using your intuition? I would love your feedback.

If you have any questions regarding the tarot or oracle cards & how to use them better? Let me know in the comments. I’m happy to share what I know as a professional medium & Tarot trainer with you.

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