Selfish Living V’s Abundant Living: with a simple click

In this chaotic world with the threat of the Covid-19 Virus it has sent folks all over the world into an uneccessary element of fear. Fear is the unpleasant emotion that arises when you are in pain, feel threatened or in danger, a natural human emotion & response.


What is this virus teaching us?

We are seeing first hand the fear arise in many across the planet & the ugly waves of reaction by humans. I’m personally disgusted by what I am witnessing with this unwavering behaviour of those who are choosing to live with a poverty & fear based mindset.

You only have to look at HOW UNSOCIAL so called social media is becoming. Fear based posts, folks acting in unspeakable ways with greed & gluttony taking over.

For all the GREAT things that are coming from this global epidemic on social media, it’s still being disrespected in a BIG way & quite frankly needs to stop.

Many folks are are stepping up to the plate & serving from the highest & greatest good to help those feeling uncertain & distressed. Countless FREE offerings & programs that can help humanity are right there for the taking.

Taking being the operative word here. TAKE, TAKE, TAKE, is a great example of someone who is living a life of FEAR and SELFISHNESS. We all know at least one of these parasites that NEVER give freely instead choosing to sponge & feed off others generosity, kindness & compassion.

In my younger days I spent plenty of time in the food & beverage industry. In one job part of my job was to give out free samples of wine before a sale would take place. Free samples are used in the same way with online entrepreneurs. We give away HUGE amounts of free samples before a customer decides to buy our service or product.

You wouldn’t take a free food or wine sample from your local supermarket, fair or bottle shop without saying thank you. Ok, well some might be aroggant & have extremely bad manners lets not go there. Hitting the like, follow or subscribe button is a virtual thank you for the biz providing great free samples for you to test & try before you buy.

The law of attraction feeds what you’re feeding simple!

If you’re feeding your fears? That’s what the universe will keep sending to you. If you’re feeding your abundance? That’s what the universe will keep providing. BE WARNED: You will be tested many times over to prove yourself & commitment to change. BUT when you step up & hit the front line running your hard work & efforts will be reward in ways you never thought possible. So what will you choose to do?

TAKE social media for example. The takers find it so damn difficult to like or share a great helpful post. Taking the information for themselves in a selfish way & choosing to sit on it rather than share to help another in dire need who may not see a post but when shared will.

It’s really not rocket science. It’s the act of a poverty, fear, selfish & limited based mindset.

OHHH I’m well aware that this post will trigger many & I hope that it does because the trigger is the trigger for change. To help you get to where you would like to be, change is absolutley the necessary requirement for greater success. Without change everything stays the same. You can keep yourself blocked up with fear or you can be open & receptive to living with love & gratitude.

So you always have a choice hunnybun!

Now let’s flip the coin

The folks living with an unwavering abundant mindset share freely without fear. They want to help & have compassion & empathy to help a troubled world.

They put themselves on the front line to assist in any way they can & serve humanity. Their minds aren’t buying into the drama because they trust the higher source & consciousness way of living. Their personal faith, what ever that may be for them is anchored firm into their own hearts. Knowing that out of any tragedy only good will follow.

The world is in the midst of forced & well overdue, necessary change. In my humble opinion I believe this in fact a great time to be on this planet. Having a front row seat to see the evolution take place in our society worldwide. We are part of something massive & part of the evolution for those who follow behind us in future generations. Who will be able to learn from our epidemic as we have learnt so much from our ancestors. A universal change showing connectedness which is prevelant for continued success, learning & growth.


Our ancestors survived perfectly well in smaller based communities of up to 200 living simply with what they had. Mother Nature providing what they needed for survival. So I do strongly believe if folks can get their friggin heads out of their own arse & simply step up everyday. It will have an impact for the greater good of all when acting out of love NOT fear.

Share that post, buy those programs that will help you with transformation & personal growth, support small business, send love & healing world wide, offer words of encouragement instead of fear. Pull your tarot cards out & ask for guidance in times of uncertainty & be the LIGHT in DARKNESS for all to see.

What type of person are you?

Fear based or abundant?

As they say actions speak louder than words so all you need to do is keeping acting with love & let the universe reward your efforts with abundance.



PS: Don’t forget to LIKE N SHARE abundance dwellers ….lol

Thanks so much xx

PPS: Those who have so kindly followed my work for years. Will know, I’m stickler for good manners & have zero tolerance for bad manners. I always make a joke with those in the customer service industry, that everyone should spend 5 years in customer service & then they may understand just how important good manners are to those who are doing their absolute best EVERYDAY to serve you.

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