Tarot, suicide & nature, the hidden truth.

Tarot saves lives

Over many years, I have read for what would, now be, thousands of clients worldwide. I have loss count with how many clients I have dealt with who have been at their lowest of lows. Some wanting to take their own life & couldn’t see any hope in their situation at the time.

These are stories that aren’t freely shared by myself on social media. So, why now? I want to share a little story, how I saved Audrey’s life. Yes, the plant in the pic. She was on the side of the road & being tossed out by her owner.

Meet Audrey

Before putting her into my car one day a couple of years ago. I knocked on the door of the carport & asked the owner if she was throwing her away. She was an elderly lady & seemed frustrated to be disturbed as she tended to her other healthy plants.

Yes, yes, take it, I don’t want it she replied abruptly. I thanked her & was very quickly on my way.

What has this got to do with the tarot?

Everything! Because the tarot can literally save lives. I have never seen anyone be so raw & real & write about this in blogs or books. So I thought I would shed some light on it having first hand experience in the field for over 20 years. Witchy-woo’s do a lot of shadow work & use tarot for the greater good of themselves. Unleashing blind spots & healing through the murky waters of truth & turmoil. Tarot is a great tool for self-healing & self-discovery.

Audrey has been thriving & happy living with me & no, I’m definitely not a green thumb….lol

As weird as it sounds I chat to her everyday. Water & nurture her with my recycled water from my kitchen sink. I watch her move & face the direction of the sun. So she can get all the nutrients & goodness she needs.

Tarot gives folks nutrients & goodness & can save lives. I have a pretty good understanding of why the spirt world send me suicidal clients because I have felt the same pain. I have deep empathy & a full understanding of how they feel in the moment, while staying thankful that they have reached out to me for help. The spirit world & universe always know what they are doing when they pair readers to clients.

The tarot can help you to lead a healthy life. Guide you to make better decisions & give you better results if you follow the guidance & know how to read Tarot correctly. BE WARNED that if not read correctly, this can be detrimental to your own wellbeing. I’m not saying this to scare the BEJESUS out of you, it’s a fact. You need to know what you’re doing when you read for others. Especially on a professional level.

Tarot can help to untangle any messy situation & bring you back to place of health & vitality. Allowing you to thrive after those stormy days. All those who use the tarot know this & want to learn more & more when they start their own tarot journey because they know how much it helps them to see more clearly.

Tarot can impact your life in so many profound ways & dig you out of the depths of despair. Yes, this is a dark article BUT it needs to brought into the light to save more lives. Especially now with so much panic & fear in our world with the Covid-19 Virus.

Us so called Witches, do amazing work for this planet & the folks who reside here. It’s not on the nightly news or celebrated in a muggle world kind of way. The Muggles being those who have yet to awaken to their own authentic truth & higher consciousness with conviction. It all done behind the scenes with millions of circles gathering worldwide to send love & healing to you every single day at any given hour.

The intentions of the spiritual circles are pure & heartfelt. The intention being to bring further understanding & healing to the planet.To raise the level of consciousness needed for our world to thrive & conquer.

As the world gets a little crazier day by day with COVID-19 now more than ever, is a great time to use your tarot cards OR start to learn how to read tarot for yourself. Using tarot as a guide ONLY! Not a source for living every decision by your deck, is the perfect way to get in touch with your soul & where you may feel trapped, blocked, uncertain & confused in certain areas of your life.

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See you soon gorgeous one. I cannot wait to help you on your tarot path when you’re ready.


Leave me a comment & let me know what roadblocks you come up against when working with your Tarot deck?

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