A Maiden’s Strength In Scary Times

Maiden’s Strength -Major Arcana

A beautiful maiden tames the lion’s roar. Not afraid to step in and trust the universal power she has inside of her. Unfazed, gentle and nurturing she strokes the lion’s head with ease, grace and love.

The infinity symbol above her head representing her connection to the divine source & higher consciousness way of living. Her white frock showing her heart is pure. Her flower garland head dress & apron are the symbolism of her connection to Mother Nature.

Eight is the number used for the strength card in the Tarot. A major arcana card guiding all seekers to find their inner strength and move beyond fear. The Major arcana representing soul & spiritual growth.

A Maiden’s Strength

The maiden does not shy away from the danger of such a large animal. Instead she faces him head on and finds comfort in keeping control of the situation she is in. Gentle strokes of gratitude & compassion lead the way. The beast being tamed & her fears being soothed in the same moment.

The maiden invites you to find your own strength in these scary times of global chaos, and uncertainty. Rising above the fear & having complete strength & faith on your side, is the foundation needed, so you don’t crumble.

Step outside & breathe in the fresh air. Send love & healing to the planet. Your strokes of love rippling from your heart with the intent to soothe the worried souls. Strangers to you, or perhaps you’re in need of self soothing? The universe is listening to your whispers & prayers.

Asking you to hold on & be gentle with yourself & others. A clear heart & mind brings clarity to you as you tame the beast within you. The ego self wanting you to fearful & afraid. The beast of the ego can’t win unless you lose self control & don’t keep your emotional strength in check.

How to Use the Maiden as your guiding light this week

The coronavirus is causing unnecessary discord right now in our world. Mother Nature keeping the upper hand knowing how to combat this situation using the animal kingdom as her force. Touching every single person on this planet, on a deeper level, in the hope to awaken them to a higher truth & consciousness on a global level. The universal power over seeing every action & order.

A necessary shift in a world where so many are still sleeping. Unaware of their true power instead living from FEAR, GREED & GLUTTONY. Do not fall under their spell. Stay true to the love, strength & power that resides within you. Speaking up when others are silenced or afraid. Be the voice that leads the planet back to love. After all, without your own inner strength & power, you are less likely to win the battle.

That is why now more then ever your prayers & strength are required, be the Maiden of strength in your life.

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