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Tarot’s forgotten artist

Who would have thought a simple deck of pictured cards would have so much to offer for life insights.

I’ve got to be honest, the tarot never ceases to amaze me even after using them since my teenage years. It’s rich illustrations offer something truly magical. The symbolism is nothing short of amazing & it all ties together so beautifully is just so insightful.

78 cards offer so much perspective to any life situation. Helping the reader to navigate their way through tricky challenges & gain the answers & direction they need to move forward in the best possible way. 

I would be lost without my tarot skills but in saying that the cards need to be sacred & respected. They’re not to be used for every little decision that needs to made in your life. Such a powerful tool. They are only to be used for the right reasons, not to dabble into the love triangles or to sticky beak or spy on someones life. 

Ethical Tarot practices make learning the tarot an enjoyable journey of self-discovery. Complimenting how you’re progressing on your own spiritual pathway to greater success.

I often think about Pamela, the Tarot artist who was never paid for such a magnificent tool. This may sound a little weird but I send her my gratitude & love regularly. To honour how much I appreciate her artwork, that was never acknowledged in the way it should of been so many decades ago.

I know as medium that she would know, now living in the afterlife, how much she is appreciated by millions around the globe that are using her artwork every minute of every day. She must feel so proud & be smiling about how many lives she has touched since her passing in 1951


The forgotten artist behind the famous Tarot deck

Pamela photographed in 1912

Pamela Coleman Smith was a British artist & illustrator, writer & occultist. Her nickname was Pixie. She was born on 16th February 1878 & passed away on 18th September 1951 she was laid to rest at age 73 in Bude Cornwall in the UK

In 1909 Pamela collaborated with occultist A.E.Waite on the most popular tarot deck of the 20th century. The Tarot was reprinted in 1937 it was the first deck to be mass marketed in English using the original artwork in 1909

Many Tarot lovers would agree with me about 

how much of impact her artistry has made to our lives. 

A tool for spiritual guidance both Smith (Pamela) & Waite were members of the the Order of the Golden Dawn which influenced contemporary interpretations of the occult. Waite saw magic not as a means to power but as a path toward a higher consciousness. Smith also brought her own symbolism of the cards.

A commemorative tarot deck marks the 100th year anniversary of the Rider-Waite Deck, a Pamela Colman Smith commemorative set; issued by U.S. Games Systems.

I think it’s super important to acknowledge those who have lit the way for the modern world to keep growing & evolving spiritually. 

What is your favourite Tarot deck?

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2 thoughts on “Tarot’s forgotten artist”

  1. The Tarot card is steeped with history .. and so many layers … I have the traditional Rider waite and an oracle tarot set.

    Although .. I need to continue to study the cards further….. I love picking the odd few when I need some guidance or direction ..

    Love the layers of information each card can provide.

    1. Tarot is all about layering when your reading your cards.

      I love the layers & depth too.

      My easy to learn Tarot formula takes the stress & frustration away for those who are just staring out or want to learn how they can get more from their readings.

      Enjoy your Tarot decks & have fun on your tarot path 💙

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