The BIGGEST Mistake Tarot readers make…

Welcome friends & tarot lovers,

I discovered the tarot in my late teens. I dabbled & played with the cards having no idea what I was doing all those years ago. It wasn’t until much later when I decided to do a tarot course that everything started making more sense for me. It was a fun way to meet like minded people with a common interest & love of tarot.

Tarot has been an instrumental tool for me living a spiritual lifestyle. With my trusty Rider Waite tarot deck always within arms reach, it’s like having the universe on speed dial.

I just love it

Being able to gain insight

& clarity

at anytime

I choose is fantastic

Fast forward to today & I’m now the tarot trainer. Teaching tarot students how to learn tarot the easy way with my tarot formula. There are literally 1000’s of tarot books on the market & it can be quite overwhelming knowing where or how to start.

Books are great, but will only take you so far & it can be really tricky & confusing if you’re trying to learn tarot on your own. I fumbled for many years on my own & used my angel cards more than my tarot card deck, because to be honest, I was a bit scared of them. Boy oh boy, how the times have changed. I’m no longer scared & love using upright & reversals when doing a tarot spread. So this automatically gives me 156 possible meanings to the insight I require for my clients or myself.

books in black wooden book shelf

Not every tarot reader is a fan of using reversals but for me, it takes me to a much deeper layer of understanding & it pin-points what I need to do more work on for my own personal development & spiritual growth. It pretty much just slaps me in the face & shows me what I need to know & do next for a better outcome. This doesn’t mean reversed cards are negative. No, not at all. It depends on what they’re paired with & the surrounding cards.

I use my tarot deck for self awareness & I teach my students how to do the same. It’s a fantastic tool for personal & spiritual growth. Knowing that we all have a light & shadow side within us. The Tarot illuminates both sides of our soul & psyche. Without working on your shadow side, you can’t bring your life into balance. This is where the tarot comes in quite handy because there are times in our life where we don’t even know where to start with our inward journey.

The beautiful thing about the tarot,

is that,  it will never date

 & offers a lifetime of learning for

all the magical ways you can interpret

the card meanings, to bring you insight

to the situation you’re asking about.

I have been reading professionally since 2001 in my private practice & have given 1000’s of readings in that time. Going from complete beginner to full-time professional has been a wild ride. I have used the tarot to overcome many obstacles & it’s made my self-discovery & self-awareness journey much easier & quicker to understand the ‘why’ of what is happening for me or for my clients. What needs to be address & what can be changed for better results.

Whether it’s for my business or personal life, the tarot is a great tool.

Tarot card pic

I created a tarot formula several years ago & opened my online program in September 2019 to help tarot beginners or those struggling on their own, to learn the tarot systems & fundamentals. Which are vital, before learning how to read intuitively. The video tutorials have been a great success & have helped my students go from not having a clue, to learning how to read their tarot cards quickly & efficiently. Based on the time they choose to practice my techniques & methods, will depend on the speed of their personal progression.

I teach the rider Waite deck because it’s known as the beginners deck. It has so much juicy goodness in it, making it much easier to progress onto other decks. I’m a card collector, so my go to  deck is always the rider Waite deck. I believe that if you know how to read the rider Waite deck correctly, you can then move onto other decks with more confidence & ease. The little white book or LWB as it’s known doesn’t offer to much information. So isn’t of much use as agreed by many professional tarot readers.

The biggest mistake tarot readers make

is trying to memorise 78 card meanings.

I can tell you that the rote learning method doesn’t work for tarot. Especially if you want to receive accurate information. Each book on the market is simply the authors view & perception. Each offering different insight & information. This can be a good thing but for the complete beginner, not so good, due to feeling overwhelmed by it all in one go.

Having a structured formula & framework to learn from will help the beginner become confident without trying to guess what all the meanings are cookie cutter style. My step by step process works & is super easy & fun, even if you’re not a beginner you can still learn something new.

That’s the beauty of the tarot. 


Rechelle x

PS: Leave me a comment if you’re a tarot reader & let me know how you got started or if you would like to learn my Tarot Formula? I love hearing from you.

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