Where are you sitting in your life right now? On Anger or Love Island?

Our mind is a powerful organ. Our thoughts are equally just as powerful. 

The universe will always say ‘YES” to your thoughts. So it’s important to be mindful how you’re choosing to fill up your brain. Thoughts create our reality. So if you’re feeling down in the dumps. You will be attracting more of that into your life, because not only does the universe respond to your thoughts, but also to how you’re feeling. This is the missing key to understanding the Law of Attraction & being able to have it work for you in your own life.

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Life is definitely a colourful puzzle that we are all learning to navigate our way through one day at a time. Putting the pieces together from what we have learnt from our past mistakes & our experiences.  Learning as we go & hopefully collecting valuable pieces of knowledge & insight that can help us grow & evolve while on our spiritual pathway.

Sometimes things fit

together perfectly

& other times they don’t

Our experiences can leave us feeling jaded & uncertain about the future. It’s a heavy bag to carry around. I have come across people who having been carrying past hurts & pain for well over 30 years in my own private practice. Helping them to unravel the mindset & roadblocks that are sabotaging their future & stealing their happiness. 

I would like you to take a moment to ponder on my words & insight.

You are not your

what has happened

to you or your

past pain or hurt

You have the freewill choice to rise above your pain & drop the heaviness that you’re carrying. I know it’s not easy & in this world, people can be quite cruel.

As an adult, is this the life you want to keep living?

What is the pay for you?

To be holding on for so long, there must be some sort of pay off that makes you feel better or justified to keep telling yourself the same story. I know this may be extremely hard to hear for some of you. Please note: it’s not my intention to make you feel bad. I care enough to tell you the truth, because I know you deserve better & don’t want you to live like this forever.

Everyone has the right to be hurt, angry & upset. The people who have created the experiences for you to feel this way, have actually been a blessing. OK, so now feel free to punch me in the face. I totally get it! I have been there & understand this may be raw & not what you want to hear. But I’ve also found the other end of the spectrum where the love, happiness, contentment & peace lives.

I made a choice a long time ago

to get off


& I chose to live on


 My body doesn’t feel heavy anymore, except if I have over indulge a little to much with delicious food & my mind is more rested & clear when making decisions & freewill choices. Choosing to come from a space of love & not fear is a much nicer way to become more receptive to future possibilities & opportunities that can enhance your happiness in life.

People come into your life,

for a reason, a season

or a lifetime. 

It’s just how it is! 

It’s how we learn, how we grow, how we avoid what we don’t want & how we create what we do want in our lives. Everyone we meet has something to teach us about ourselves & we have something to teach them. So, it can be but NOT always a win, win situation.

The universe is paying close attention to how you’re choosing to carry your excess baggage. They are listening to your thoughts & your feelings send them a vibrational signal. So they can deliver more of what you’re feeling.

Don’t believe me?

Think of a time when you were happy? 

How did your body feel, what was your mind doing?

Who was with you at that time?

Now think of a time when you were sad?

How was your body feeling?

What was going through your mind?

Who were you with at that time?

You can test this theory for yourselves. Go ahead & if you don’t feel a complete difference or shift? You’re doing it wrong & can try it a few more times until you start to feel the difference of energy shift in your body. Moving from heaviness to lightness via your happy & sad thoughts.

close up photo of baggage sign


Let’s take a look at the airport metaphor.

You’re going on your dream holiday, to your dream location. Somewhere that you have always wanted to visit. BUT….you’re only allowed to take one small carry on piece of luggage. You’re guaranteed a great trip & will have complete freedom to do as you please.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Everyday can be a dream destination when you’re not carrying your past with you. The new experiences & opportunities, that you have yet to explore start to flow into your life when you shift your mindset & find peace with your past. You can start feeling excited about your new lighter body & mindset shift when you let go of the old & worn out story you keep telling yourself. You can dump the excess baggage any time you want these GOOD feelings to occur. You may have to dive into your imagination 100’s of times to achieve it. With practice & commitment it is doable & it works like a charm.

All you need to do is decide

when you want to dump

your excess baggage

So you can start travelling through your life feeling happier & much lighter. Finding peace with your past gives your power back & puts you back in the driver’s seat of your own reality. Focus on what’s going well in your life instead of isn’t going well. This will create a new way to look at your life & open opportunities that you have been blocking because you were merely looking in the wrong direction. Back instead of forward!

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The moment your perception shifts, is the moment you make room for miracles to happen & by the way, miracles aren’t huge events. They can be subtle & small but will leave you feeling a whole lot lighter & happier.

STOP giving your power away to those who have wronged or hurt you. Because I’m sure you’ve wronged & hurt people too. It’s just life!

Forgive yourself & set yourself free

You’re worth it


Rechelle x 

PS: Let me know in the comments below

what baggage you’re ready to drop

so I can celebrate with you?

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