Tarot & spirituality saved my life!

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If you’ve been following my social media for years or perhaps you’re a newbie follower?

You will see that my 2 biggest passions are Tarot & self-discovery via spiritual growth & understanding. I combine these two elements together to create a hybrid that will help serve you better on your own Tarot or spiritual pathway to greater success.

I’ve been on my own spiritual pathway for well over 20 years now & it’s a lifestyle, not a hobby for me. Working as a professional Medium in my own private practice since 2001 has been the most enjoyable ride. I have met & worked with so many amazing people worldwide. Mentors, clients, students & collegues.

I have continued my education as an entreprenuer, spiritual Medium & coach. Teaching self-development, meditation & my easy Tarot formula to help my clients and students free themselves from anger, anxiety, frustration & depression. I’ve been helping my students transform their own lives with my techniques and easy methods that once applied, changes your life for the better, in so many uplifting & beautiful ways.  

Since 2012 I have run a weekly sacred circle of trust, teaching face to face in my work studio in Newcastle NSW Australia.

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Something you may not be aware of because I don’t make it public knowledge, is how the Tarot saved my life! Yes, it’s true. I wouldn’t be here now if I didn’t discover how to work with the universe & the divine & use tarot as my guide for self-development.

Depression is an illness

& if not addressed


it does kill people.

I have worked with many people who suffer from depression in one form or another. The missing link is that when you’re going against the grain of your souls truth, depression sets in very quickly. I’m comfortable talking about my story now because through my daily spiritual practice, I have learnt how to heal & overcome, grief, loss of loved ones, face my fears & challenges when they arise.

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Research studies show that 50% of Americans see depression as a sign of weakness, not as an illness. It’s on the rise and talked about in the media more nowadays. We here the stories of celebrities & the average person coming out of the darkness & back to the light so to speak, conquering their own battles with depression.

 As the saying goes:

Life wasn’t meant to be easy!

10% of life is what happens to you & the other 90% is how you choose to respond. 

Spiritual practice has nothing to do with religion. It’s the practice of you becoming more aware & mindful of your body, your needs & using your voice to take the right action steps. 

There are over 700 million people on this planet. Not everyone will understand their spiritual side & that’s ok. It’s a personal pathway & a sacred one for you & only you! You’re the only one who knows the answers to what your needs are & should you be willing to speak up & address your needs. You will find that your life will come into more balance. Depression can be healed. So can grief, loss and the mental anguish that sabotages your future happiness & joy.

The bad news is:

If you’re resistant to doing the inner healing work on yourself.

You will become stuck on the roundabout of pain. 

Sooner or later you need to say enough is enough & ask yourself is this how you want to live the rest of your life? Incomplete despair & misery? I get it! Because I have been there more times than I care to count. These days I move through the pain of loss, trauma & heartache more efficiently because I know that I am on this earth to live an incredible life filled with love & acceptance of what I cannot change. I’m here to learn my  own spiritual lessons & heal my pain.

I’m NOT saying it’s easy BUT when you can move beyond your pain & get back to living a beautiful & loving life. Your mindset is your biggest anchor with your action steps being a vital ingredient for your healing to come full circle, so you are once again free.

Pleasing everybody else & putting yourself on the back burner isn’t a noble act!

You may think it is, but unfortunately it will lead you on the pathway to exhaustion, feeling drained & possible depression. That was my personal experience. I wasn’t speaking up enough & when I did, I wasn’t being heard. So I had to make the decision to change my own  life & that was, to drop my mask & own my authentic self without apology or feeling ashamed or guilty for doing it.

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People fell away from my life & new people arrived that fitted my new found freedom much better than the old way I was living. When I spoke, I was understood & felt that finally I belonged somewhere. Connecting to my spirituality & my own truth, has been a life saver for me in many fantastic ways. I don’t preach to others about my beliefs. Instead I go about my work quietly & those whom need my help will reach out to me.

I know a lot of people who are still afraid or feel ashamed to speak up for fear of being judged. That’s sad, but I respect where they are at on their own pathway in life. We all awaken in different ways & at different times, if at all for some.

If you’re just at the beginning or a seasoned traveller shining your light & authenticity via your own spiritual development. Keep doing what feels true for you in this moment. The goal posts will change & so will your perspective on things over time. It’s all part of the wondrous process when you start working with the universe & the divine. I love it & I am thankful that it saved my life before it was to late.

I hit rock bottom twice

in a big way & wanted

to take my own life.

The beauty of the divine pathway is that you’re never to old or to young to get started on recognising what’s true for you spiritually. All you have to do is be willing to look within & find the answers in your heart. Plus, you’re never alone because your spirit team is always right there with you, walking beside you or carrying you when you fall. Trust your intuition & seek the professional help required if you’re not managing it on your own. It’s well worth the effort & will open up new opportunities & bring the right people into your life who understand what you’re going through & love you anyway for you!


Rechelle x

2 thoughts on “Tarot & spirituality saved my life!”

  1. Spot on Rechelle, we all have our own path, and we can all choose which path we take, the universe is very good at letting us know if it’s the right or wrong one, if we are willing to listen. Even in the tough times, I know that everything is exactly as it is meant to be. lessons are every where and a part of spiritual growth if we are willing to listen and most importantly trust. 2019 for me was practicing trust and patience. I know I’m going to reap those rewards this year.
    Thank you for sharing your story, love and light to you xx 💜💜

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