The Fool’s adventure & how it relates to you in 2020

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I have so much planned for my blog this year. I have impressed myself with being super organised & ready for an epic year ahead.

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The xmas tree has been put away & the decorations packed up as we enter the second week of January and a brand new decade.

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The one thing I adore about the tarot is how much clarity it brings when I’m struggling with something. Sometimes I could quite happily throw the deck across the room because I may not be ready for the truth. And on other days, I’m expressing my thanks & gratitude for the guidance it brings to me. 

The major arcana is the second part of the tarot deck. Containing 22 cards that will illuminate on a deeper level what you need to work on or overcome for better results. It dives deep into the psyche of our soul, souls & life lessons & gets the meat off the bone whether we are ready or not for the answer. 

The first card is the ‘FOOL’ numbered ‘0’ A young man stands on a cliff face with his poochy pup & small swag on a stick. He is about to embark on an adventure that will see him meeting new folks, learning lessons & discovering life’s adventures on his travels. Possible danger may await him but he is not at all bothered.

  The fool card is all about the new beginnings when something ends in your life. So essentially it’s an ending & a new beginning at the same time.

The unknown, the unexpected & the journey he is embarking on which will include further self-discovery. Not knowing where he will end up. His clothing is draped loosely & he holds a white rose in two fingers. The white rose held in his left hand is a symbolic urging for purity and order. The left hand is symbolic of the conscious mind – the facet of our understanding that seeks order – sometimes even control.

He is blissfully unaware of the danger before him.

If he was to take another step, he would fall off the cliff face.

Is he naive or to trusting?  His dog barks with a warning to make him become aware of his surroundings. Not paying attention to his surroundings could find him in a place where he doesn’t need to be.Rechelles Tarot Hub 2

We could consider ourselves as the fool starting a new decade & embarking on new adventures. You never truly know what’s around the corner. So, being able to embrace everyday with love & gratitude is a great way to live. Being well aware of your surroundings & self-aware is also important. It’s a personal & spiritual journey that we need to learn, as we navigate our way through life & our own lessons. Being mindful, is a key ingredient for greater success.

Of course, there are those bad hair days where we don’t feel like being mindful, self-aware, grateful or loving. 

On those days, it’s ok to pull back & give yourself some TLC. Life, as we all know, can be exhausting, but if you’re not finding time for some self care, your frustrations will show up more frequently because you’re not honouring your own heart & soul’s truth.

I tell my students to think of themselves as a bank account. You can’t keep making withdrawals without making a deposit. If you’re running on empty, that doesn’t help anyone & definitely doesn’t help your health.

So, find the time to honour yourself & rejuvenate your soul & spirit. This will help you bring more balance into your life. Lose the guilt & shift your perception to being worthy of loving you first before you can give to others. It’s a worn out way of thinking that has been passed down to us by Goddess knows who? Thinking we can’t give to ourselves, is just plain ridiculous. Cars need petrol & so do we!

The fun part is finding out what the best petrol is for you, to fill up your tank?

For me, it’s comes back to my solitude. I need time to recover being an empath & an introvert. My mind needs time to switch off, so that when I’m ready to keep creating. I have the juice in my tank ready to take the right action steps, making the flow & process so much easier.

I would love to know how you use self-care in your life? 

Leave me a comment below.

It helps me to know I’m not chatting to myself…lol

and keeps me inspired to keep blogging & supporting you.


Rechelle x

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  1. Thank you for your blog .. When I need to “retreat and refuel”.. I have my quiet room and happy just to sit there..enjoy my cup of tea..listen to my music and do anything or even nothing. This makes me happy 😁

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