Are you ready to live like a rat?

Happy new year friends, & here’s to a brand new decade of learning, exploring & gifting yourself to the new beginnings that await you.


2020 is not only the year of the rat but also a number 4 year in numerology. The year of new beginnings when it comes to relationships, money, self awareness & building on solid foundations that you’ve already learnt from, so no need to make the same mistakes twice! Unless of course you’re choosing not to pay attention?

Rats live simple lives but are quick thinkers, clever & like to be content with the simplicity of their life.

In Chinese culture rats were prayed to because of their reproduction rate by married couples wanting children. They are seen as a sign of wealth & abundance or surplus.

I’m not going to be praying to a rat anytime soon, that’s for sure, but I am going to take a deep dive into what the next decade has in-store for me, my goals & let’s not forget my dreams. 

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This is a great time for you to become super clear about what you would like to change up & discard of from your own life. What can you remove from your world in order to make way for the new to come in?

It may not sound that appealing to you, wishing to live how a rat does? I totally get that bit, but the appealing part is, the cleverness & contentment they have living a simple life.

Would you like your life to be more simplified in 2020?

My life has been relatively simple for several years now since my divorce. Hmmm…not advising you get one of those, but it’s been true for me in so many ways & I love it!

If we don’t clear out the mental, physical, spiritual or emotional clutter, that we as humans, seem to cart around as unnecessary attachments for Goddess knows what reasoning? (We can always justify our choices for doing so, I totally get that & have been guilty of it many times myself). This weighs us down in so many ways. Potentially, making you feel tired, sluggish & unable to focus on what is really important to you. YEP! The daily grind, bills & unforgotten dreams get pushed aside while you do your best to get through each day.

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I’m not one to set NEW YEARS resolutions, because quite frankly, I don’t need to hit disappointment or be reminded how I have failed by the end of January. Stuffing more things on to my plate, because I think I should be doing this, or that. It’s just mental exhaustion that I don’t need in my life.

However, in saying that, I do set myself goals & targets to achieve greater success. I’m extremely discilplined but also human & fall off the wagon just like everyone else from time to time. Life gets busy for all of us, but what if there was a little trick that you could use to  simplify your life? Would you scribble your name down & say sign me up Rechelle?

Well, as much as I would dearly love your autograph. I won’t be needing it & will share some of my simple techniques that I use in my own life, to help you get stuff off your over filled plate.

These tips definitely fall into my self-love bucket & help me to keep a balanced lifestyle.

Be warned it’s a four letter word…are you ready?


Low & behold this one word has changed my life in remarkable ways.

Mind you, I was never one for planning ahead for anything. I’m more of a wing it type of gal but the thing with that is that it’s not sustainable….insert sad face here 🙁


Because when you’re winging it, acting on the fly becomes exhausting. Making a simple decision about what to have for dinner can turn you from being happy into feeling unbothered & frustrated, if you don’t know what you feel like?

Here’s the bad news….

Don’t expect a different result if

you’re NOT prepared to do something different.

Let 2020 be your year for changing things up a bit. Take the time to learn new ways to help you feel more prepared as you juggle life.

Some tips to help you get started….two storey house with attic


 You may already do some of these, but if not? Give them a try for 30 days & see what happens. It takes 30 days for a habit to take hold. It’s all about routine & shifting your mindset.

Shop weekly & budget wisely: With the left over pennies you can afford the hot stone relaxation massage you’ve been craving. (I know a great therapist…hehe) or get that reading you keep putting off?

Book your 2020 forecast reading NOW 

Book a reading


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Meal plan & cook ahead of time:  So you’re not thinking about what to eat everyday. Invite the kids over & tell them it’s Master chef night & their in charge of the evening meal. (It’s not technically slave labour, just savvy in my opinion & clever) If you have little people, it’s ok to have burnt toast for dinner or a bowl of cereal made with love. Empty out that well stocked fridge, freezer & pantry & save yourself money & a weeks worth or more of shopping & time. 

This one will hurt: Set a time limit for your social media. OMG….I said go and get the third draw cleaned out instead & start working your way through your home to remove what no longer serves you. You’ll have a decluttered home in no time but without the overwhelm of thinking you can do it all in one weekend. Spoiler alert my loves…that’s a myth that you can get it all done in a weekend! Slow & steady wins the race.

Leave your work at work: You don’t get paid to stress & worry after hours & probably not during work time either. So, STOP DOING IT: You’re mind will become clearer & you will be better equipped to handle the situation when your brain has had a chance to rest & recover.

My secret to success:

Do one small thing each day until it becomes a habit.

A couple of years ago I spent a gazillion hours watching youtube videos on decluttering & organising. I can admit it became a bit of an addiction & I absolutely loved it at the time, sad life right! But at the time it was what worked for me & I got great satisfaction from it. I must be the only person on this planet who doesn’t have Netflix, so a gal has to improvise. The stuff I learnt was great & I had fun & made some extra moolah $$$ selling things I no longer needed or used. It paid for xmas that year when I was just getting started & I had left over cash. I don’t go crazy with spending at xmas time. I have gone on to make over $2000 by selling my wares for no more than $50 or less. I made bundles with co-ordinating things which worked like a chime & sold quickly. 

If you’re the type of person who struggles to let of things?

I get it, because I used to be that person too. Until I learnt how to shift my mindset! I set my intention to bring those who needed my things more than me, to get in contact with me buy them. I asked the universe to send the right person who would love & look after my wares as much as I did. It worked beautifully. I met amazing people & listened to their stories which made my heart all warm & fuzzy. I knew I was doing my bit to help those less fortunate than myself & that’s what made it super easy for me to then be able to let go. 

So, can you see how many gazillion hours I have just saved you, by doing all the heavy lifting for you, it’s ok, I’ve got your back. Don’t you even think about turning youtube or Netflix on….step away from the computer or TV and


Your effort will be worth it, I promise, & although you won’t magically morph into a rat…Thank Goddess! You’ll feel much lighter, happier & content knowing that you have discarded what you know no longer need in your life. You may even choose to make some extra moolah like I did? So, you can get back to doing something you love instead & use your time more wisely.

Choosing to live a simple life without the 

unnecessary clutter, is a game changer!

Big hugs 

Rechelle x

PS: The tips found in this article have not been stolen from any youtube source….lol it’s been my own discovery of what has worked for me, as a busy entrepreneur & Mum of 3 teenagers.

I trust some of it will work for you too!

PPS: If you need some quirkiness, more giggles & brilliant tips in your you life for an EPIC 2020 I will accept your autograph now & get you to subscribe to my blog. 

MR I-CAN’T MAKE-UP-MY-MIND-ZEN-BURGER (Yeah, you know the dude who runs Facebook) he is constantly changing the goal posts & gets his cranky pants on! So therefore, he will limit who see’s what on the book of faces & you may miss my blogs, which could be absolutely devastating to say the least & no-body wants that to happen especially me, when I doing my best to help all of you. But, the good new is, if you follow me right here. I have the power & will only disrupt your life every Wednesday at lunchtime when you’re eating, because I’m busy doing the things I enjoy in a clutter free home. So let’s have lunch together shall we? xx 

It’s up to you gorgeous, only you know what’s best for you.



2 thoughts on “Are you ready to live like a rat?”

  1. Many thanks for your wonderful words and inspiration. As a bit of a “possession horder”, it gave me the inspiration and motivation to start. All you need to do is start.
    It was exhausting and at times overwhelming …however .. one step at a time, let’s clear the way for 2020 for more motivation and inspiration…..thank you Rechelle

    1. Hi Justdoitdonthesitate,

      You’re very welcome. I’m so pleased this article has inspired & gave you the motivation to get started. Congratulations for taking the baby steps to clear what no longer serves you & for pushing through the overwhelm & exhaustion. It won’t feel like that forever, it gets easier & the rewards are worth it.

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