How to prepare for a private reading

How to get the most accurate psychic intuitive reading.

I specialise in tarot and Mediumship readings. It doesn’t matter who I am reading for or what your cultural background is, I have noticed that people who receive the best, most helpful answers follow the steps below.

Understand Your Role in a Psychic Reading

A psychic reading is not a one-way relationship. Although you’ll receive messages from the reader, your work starts from the moment you book the session. All of the answers to your questions are either stored in your energy field or provided by your spirit guides (if they feel you’re ready to receive them). Sometimes clients aren’t ready for the truth of the situation & need some time to do the inner work before receiving a reading.

I have had to turn clients away in the past because they weren’t quite ready

 When they called me back later in a certain time frame from my advise, they were truly grateful & thanked me for making them wait a bit longer. Working with integrity is what I pride my work on. I’m not out to make a quick buck from anyone who thinks they need a reading. There is a protocol that needs to be understood & followed to be able to achieve the best results & value for you as the client.

A highly trained professional reader will be able to tune in to your energy from the moment you book or right before the session. I feel what my clients are feeling because I’m an empath. So, you’ll want to make sure that you’re feeling clear and calm before your reading begins.

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You don’t want to waste any precious minutes of your reading just because you’re in a bad mood from someone who cut you off on the road! Check yourself and trust that you’re in good hands. Feeling nervous is common and ok. I take my clients through a quick 1 minute process to ensure their feeling balanced & ready to receive my reading.

Here are some tips and tricks to energetically prepare for your psychic reading:

  • It’s best to be rested. If you’re feeling wired or tired, it can be more difficult for your energy field to reveal the answers.
  • Check any strong emotions at the door. Extreme negative or positive emotions can disrupt your reading. Stay neutral, open and receptive to the guidance you’re receiving. You’re FREEWILL choices are up to you NOT me! 
  • Avoid heavy meals, alcohol, caffeine or any recreational drugs right before your reading. These can make it more difficult for you to connect with your heart or just make you plain tired.
  • Spend a short time by yourself to regroup your focus & intention from your day and disconnect from anyone else’s aura with whom you were in touch with.
  • Refrain from surfing the web at least 15–20 minutes before the reading. The blue light from electronic devices is stimulating and keeps your energy in your mind. It’s best to drop your energy down into your heart so that your psychic reading can get to the heart of your questions.

Set an Intention

Out of all the tips on this list, this is the most important. Your intention is everything! Get very clear on WHY you want the reading. Here are some questions to consider when setting your intention:

What do you want to get out of the reading

How do you want to feel after the session?

Do you want healing or closure around something?

Has something been bugging you that you need peace around?

Are you struggling to make a decision between multiple choices?

Do you need to understand why something happened in your life or keeps happening?

If it’s the New Year or your birthday, are you wanting to know how the next 12 months will be?

Are you wanting to get to know who your guides are or what your spiritual and psychic gifts are?

With a clear intention, your guides will be able to lead the Medium or psychic to the correct information. This will focus your energy in a very powerful way that the intuitive will be able to tap into to get the best guidance for you.

Ask the Right Questions

The power of your questions can’t be overstated. Anytime you ask a question, the universe immediately searches for solutions. That’s why the clearer your questions, the clearer the answers you’ll receive. Don’t stress to much with this one. I will help you framework your question so you get the best answer. All you need to do is have a basic idea of what you wish to know. 

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This requires connecting with yourself and getting honest about what it is you’re truly looking for? At first, you might think that you’re wanting to know if you and your ex-lover will ever get back together; however, maybe upon quiet reflection, you realise you’re really just wanting to know when you’ll stop yearning and how to stop giving your power away when you enter new relationships. Or maybe you think you’re wanting to know when you’ll get out of debt, but deep down you mainly want to know to know how to have a better relationship with money. This requires getting real with yourself first.

 Don’t ask vague questions. Be mindful of asking specific, clear questions.

Here are some examples:

Examples of Vague Questions to Ask a Psychic:

Can you give me a general reading for my future?

What does my love life look like in the future?

Will I be happy?

Examples of Clear Questions to Ask a Psychic:

What can I do to improve my chances of finding a lasting loving relationship?

How can I resolve & fix the issues with my boss?

What can I do to become a happier person?

Make the Psychic Reading All About You

We live in a free will universe and no one has the right to impose themselves on someone else without getting their consent. Therefore, it’s a big spiritual no-no to ask a psychic to tap into someone else’s energy field and do a reading on their behalf.

Doing so means you have violated their soul and energetic boundaries which creates entanglement between you and that person (not to mention clouding up your own aura by doing something dishonest). No matter how badly you want the answers to what your ex-boyfriend is thinking or what will happen to him in the future, don’t do it. You’ll only create more karmic problems for yourself in the future.

Keep your nose clean.

 If a psychic ever offers or agrees to do a reading on behalf of someone else without getting their permission, run for the hills. They are unsavory and you DO NOT want to work with someone with ethics like that.

Ask About Something You Actually Care about

Psychics read energy. The things you care about show up strongly in your energy field because they carry the momentum of your emotions, thoughts, karma, memories and even past lives. When something is aligned with your soul’s purpose — or would completely derail you — your spirit guides will also have a strong “say” into what you’re asking about. Hence, you’ll get definitive, meaningful answers.

However, if you ask about things you don’t really care about just for fun (i.e., Will my friend call me in the next 5 minutes? What am I thinking about right now?), you’ll get irrelevant answers. Spirit helps you when you care about what you’re doing.

Don’t Test the Psychic

Some skeptics like to get psychic readings for reasons I’ll never fully understand. Maybe they’re trying to have a “gotcha” moment to boost their own egos. So, they’ll test the psychic by purposely misleading them with fake responses or having a smug attitude. In those cases, the recipient will never get a good reading from the psychic because their attitude shuts their entire energy down from the psychic.

This is not a game for us; this is our life and we take our work seriously. I’ve never met a psychic reader or medium who didn’t care about their work, even if they were just a beginner with amateur skills. Your customers don’t go to your work and test your experience. Don’t do that to someone else. It’s rude and disrespectful.

Don’t be that person!

With these points in mind, you’ll be 100% ready for your next psychic reading.

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